Somebody will be towed

On the the heels of a second paid parking lot opening in Cruz Bay, Connections has staked out its territory for customers.

Unknown to many, it appears Connections has rights to one of the always-filled parking spots next to its building.  Convenient for folks picking up their mail, for sure.  But too good to ignore when you’re desperate for a spot and the public lot across from the Post Office is full, as always. (Is Patrick’s using four spaces now?  A new one for patio dining, too?)

Anyway … a sign, circled in red, went up at the Connections parking space in the past week. Says you have 30 minutes to park, or else.

Good news to know there might be a spot for customers; bad news because, as Donald Trump might say, "Somebody will get towed."

Now, about the picture?  Inez, the Deputy Inquiring Iguana, says all three vehicles were in all three spots all day.

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