A warm welcome in a plastic cup


The V.I. Tourism Department has expanded its greeter program on St. John from the Port Authority dock where the car barges formerly operated.  The greeters are answering questions and pouring samples of Cruzan Rum to welcome visitors.  They are wearing shirts with Virgin Islands logos as well as “ask Me” buttons. 

The St. John Chamber of Commerce is involved, too, helping to get a wooden cart built for the greeters who have been using small tables.

7 thoughts on “A warm welcome in a plastic cup”

  1. This is wonderful!!!!! We have visited and actually were married on St John. There are many hidden adventures there and having greeters is a super way to find some of them.

  2. about time that someone will be there with a smile to help others,for many years going there,very few natives will smile or make you feel welcome and the tourists are the ones bringing the money,hope this will last!!!

  3. “Warm”…”in a plastic cup”??? Kind of reminds me of my last visit to the doctor. Poor ctitle choice as the welcome is warm but the cup is chilled.

  4. I have mixed emotions about this … I like the idea behind the welcome. However, I love to step off of the Ferry in St. John and feel like I am visiting a friend (or going home) and not getting labeled with a tourist sticker. It just puts another commercial spin on the trip (something you expect in St. Thomas but not St. John). Maybe I just don’t like change! 🙂

  5. I think it is great! Even though I feel like I am returning to my second home every year, and am not really a tourist, I loved the warm welcome and the coconut rum was excellent!

  6. Please make sure the plastic cups are disposed of and not littered on the beaches. Unfortunately we are always shocked by how people will litter the very scenery they have come to enjoy.

  7. What is wrong with you people? Too warm, too messy, plastic cups strune about? I would love to come and help build the wooden cart for them. And I would donate a garbage can!!! What a great idea. I will have my COLD coke or pink lemonade ready when I step on the ferry.

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