Bordeaux, Lucy’s are top Coral Bay picks

Chateau Bordeaux
has been voted the top restaurant in Coral Bay by readers of News of St. John.  Perched high over Coral Bay with an astounding view of East End and the BVIs, its dinner offerings include Mahi Mahi, escargot, lobster tail.  Here’s the menu.  There are no prices on this online version of the menu, so beware – it’s not cheap.  The phone is 340-776-6611.

Second place goes to Miss Lucy’s, whose original owner was also a cab driver, whose island tours were the best! The restaurant is located way outta town along the south shore and is best known for its Sunday brunches with live jazz, Lucy’s is a long-time favorite.  There are a handful of tables on the beach – arrive early (very!) to get one. The phone is 340-693-5244.

The rest of Coral Bay’s eateries kind of staggered to the finish
line.  Bordeaux and Lucy’s were the choices of 62% of the some 750
votes.  Victory, such as it is went to the oldies but goodies – new
places like Sweet Plantains and Aqua Bistro drew very little interest.

  • Chateau Bordeaux 36% (261 votes)
  • Miss Lucy’s 26% (194 votes)
  • Skinny Legs 14% (104 votes)
  • Shipwreck Landing 10% (70 votes)
  • Island Blues 4% (30 votes)
  • Donkey Diner 3% (19 votes)
  • Sweet Plantains 4% (29 votes)
  • Aqua Bistro 2% (12 votes)
  • Vie’s Snack Shack 1% (10 votes)
  • Café Concordia 1% (4 votes)

6 thoughts on “Bordeaux, Lucy’s are top Coral Bay picks”

  1. Is Omar Sanchez still the Chef? We ate there twice last March and it was absolutely the most fabulous meal, worth the drive and the money. Now if he has headed back St Thomas to Havana Blue (where he came from) I don’t know if I would make the trip

  2. You should give Sweet Plantains another shot we have hade several exelent meals there. Miss Lucy’s is a cool place for music and drinks but the food is awful

  3. I can hardly believe Kenneth B.’s comment about Miss Lucy’s:”..but the food is awful”. I’ve been going to Miss L.’s for more than 20 years- it’s only been getting better..on the contrary, the food is wonderful!!!
    Lee Hersh

  4. I think this is a very difficult survey since these establishments are so different from one another!!
    Having said that, I second the praise for Sweet
    Plantains. The food is outstanding. Not to be missed.

  5. Miss Lucy’s for brunch, Shipwreck for lunch (freshest fish on island) and Bordeaux for dinner! That’s good eating! Gotta have a Skinny Leg’s burger too.

  6. I heard from several reliable sources that the owner of the st. john restaurant group who owns / was leasing to own (Asolare, Paradiso, Chloe & Bernard’s, Chateau Bordeaux ) he also owned The Balcony and even had equity in Quality Food) left the the island in the middle of the night owing a LOT of money.. to busineses, individuals, and the govt… can someone varify this…. or report on this for your readers info. I also learned that the last owner is comming / is back as owner.. and he left on a bad note.. by the way, Chateau Bordeaux went out of business. I guess it wasnt as popular (or good) as your “readers indicated”…

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