Caneel vs. Gallows

The St. John forum at Virgin-Islands-On-Line.com is hosting an interesting debate about the differences between Caneel Bay and Gallows Point

It’s kind of like, "Tastes Great! Less Filling" because when you come down to it, nothing beats renting a villa … but, I digress, if not pander.

The Caneel-ites tout the resort’s easy access to seven fantastic beaches and great food, and "a feeling of being at a resort back in time, probably the most relaxing place I have ever been," said Traveler22.  "We definitely felt pampered while we were there," added St. John Lover, who went on to say, "But we could only afford a couple days."

Well, talking about money.  Caneel is quoting a daily rate of $425
to $750 in mid-December, which is when the people who started the
conversation want to go.  A unit at Gallows Point starts at $375 and
goes up to $515.

The Gallow-ites praise the development’s easy access to Cruz Bay.
Several pointed out that if you’re into the bar scene and staying out
late, walking to Gallows is easier and safer than driving up Gifft

"Caneel has Gallows beat hands down on the beaches, but if you rent a Jeep you can drive around the island," said Petepie. "I think that’s one of the best parts about St. John to go try a new beach every day."

Rick G summed up the issue. "Caneel is all about being on the beach.  Gallows is all about being close to town."

Here’s a link to the discussion online.

5 thoughts on “Caneel vs. Gallows”

  1. I’m a Westinite (Westin Villa Owner), but I go to the beaches at Caneel all the time. They are some of the best on STJ.
    Nothing beats the Westin pool afterwards though!

  2. If money is no object the Caneel property is one of the most spectacular in the Caribbean. No other resort on St John even comes close.

  3. I’ve stayed at both the Westin (both hotel and condos) and Gallows Point, and have “swum into” Caneel from sailboats. All have their advantages — but when I think of a non-villa stay on St. John, I think first of Gallows Point. It’s small and intimate, the suites (especially the larger ones) are great, and the location can’t be beat (unless it’s midnight and I’m trying to sleep in one of the suites facing the Beach Bar!) Of course, I rarely spend the days there — I head to the many beaches around the island! We often make Gallows our “springboard” to tack on a few days to a stay in a villa or boat — and they discount our rates then for being “frequent guests.”

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