Art Auction & Raffle Being Held to Benefit St. John School of the Arts

Art Auction & Raffle Being Held to Benefit St. John School of the Arts 1
This painting, created by Kimberly Boulon, is currently being raffled off.

Hello everyone and happy Friday! We know that a good swath of the country will be dealing with snow and ice this weekend, so we wanted to provide you all with a little St. John escape. How does an auction and raffle sound? Amazing, I know! If you are interesting in supporting a great nonprofit here on island, please read on!

St. John School of the Arts is current holding an auction and raffle to raise funds for children’s arts programs while also benefiting local artists. This year, 23 St. John artists and artisans have chosen items to sell through this online fundraiser. St. John School of the Arts will use 40 percent of the proceeds for programming and scholarships, and the rest goes to the artists.

Kimberly Boulon’s original oil painting, “Welcome Gorgeous 2020, Trunk Bay, 1/1/20,” (shown above) is the prize for a raffle drawing to be held on March 1. Each raffle ticket is $50.

In order to place bids or buy a raffle ticket, participants must register at www.stjsa.cbo.io. Donations to the school can also be made on that website. The auction will continue through the end of February, with the last bids allowed at 11:59 p.m. February 28.

For more information, please contact the school at [email protected].

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