Another Reason Why St. John is So Special

Maho, January 3, 2019
Maho, January 3, 2019

Hello everyone and happy Sunday! So as you know, we’re in the middle of a government shutdown. I’ve received a ton of emails asking how the shutdown is impacting the Virgin Islands National Park. The biggest visible impact is the fact that most of the restrooms at the beaches are closed. There are a few pretty amazing things happening though as a result of this shutdown.

For starters, the National Park Visitor Center remains open thanks to volunteers from Friends of the VI National Park. The restrooms are open there too. Great news.

The restrooms and showers are open over at Trunk Bay, I believe until 4 p.m. daily. Again, thanks to volunteers.

Our rangers are still patrolling the streets. I am not sure if they are doing this without pay, but I am thankful to see them working.

The biggest thing that I would like to point out, however, is the trash. I have been seeing images on the news and on the internet that shows many of the country’s national parks simply trashed. Garbage is overflowing everywhere it seems. Well guess what… none of that is happening here. That is thanks to our volunteers and the great humans who are visiting the island. So thank you all for that.

Hawksnest, Thursday morning
Annaberg, Thursday morning
Annaberg, Thursday morning

I am not sure how long this shutdown will last, but I ask that you try to bring home your trash with you. There are dumpsters located all over the island where you can toss it. Let’s make our volunteers job that much easier.

Thanks folks. Just yet another reason to love this place…

9 thoughts on “Another Reason Why St. John is So Special”

  1. So glad to hear parks & beaches are still being watched over. I wouldn’t expect anything else in St. John. I wish others visiting our other National Parks would do the same. Take your trash with you! Flying in Wednesday for our visit. We will do our part. Thank you.

  2. Thanks again to each and every volunteer, that is great news. But then again those are the people of St John. My son will be there on Tuesday and will be glad to hear this,

  3. I can vouch for your reporting Jen, just came back form a marvelous NYE trip!!
    Maho was simply stunning as usual but to your point, very very clean as were all the other beaches we visited during the trip.
    There are little baby turtles at Maho which was super exciting to see. Everyone have fun on their trips this year, we will be back in May.

  4. Thank you volunteers! The hubs and I will be there in March, hope the government shut down is over by then but we will pick up our trash no matter

  5. Counting the weeks till 2.22. Look at your photos everyday to keep my sanity. Thank you volunteers in this time of uncertainty.

  6. A ranger patrolling Francis Bay beach and parking area last week was doing so without pay. His understanding was that he would be paid retroactively when the shutdown is resolved. They deserve our appreciation for keeping the park safe.

  7. Thanks volunteers and full time staff who are volunteering without pay until shutdown ends. Volunteers can’t be underestimated! My dad who is 86 always says, “You want something done, ask a busy person.”

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