The Westin Reopens Today!!

WESTIN BEACH VIEW OPENING DAY 2019 The Westin, January 4, 2018

Well folks, I feel like a kid on Christmas morning. Now I know that may sound silly to many of you, but today’s reopening of the Westin is a BIG deal to me! It means things are really getting back to normal! And I am so excited about that!!

We’ve been waiting for this day for nearly 16 months now, the day that guests can finally return to the Westin. I’ve been watching crews work around the clock to get the resort ready, and today I was able to walk inside and take pics for all of you. So rather than me chat about how great the place looks, I am simply going to show you. Enjoy!

View from the dock View from the dock
The new Cruz Bay Watersports location The new Cruz Bay Watersports location
Beautiful landscaping Beautiful landscaping
View from a room View from a room
Sneak peek inside a room Sneak peek inside a room
The main walkway to the dock The main walkway to the dock
The walkway to the old reception building which was recently torn down The walkway to the old reception building which was recently torn down
A pergola is being installed in the old reception area spot A pergola is being installed in the old reception area spot
The playground The playground
The beach The beach
The pool!! The pool!!
Looking toward towel hut Looking toward towel hut
Alternate pool view Alternate pool view
The Westin's first guest arrived early Friday morning :) The Westin’s first guest arrived early Friday morning 🙂

To all of you who have reservations to stay at the Westin, welcome back!!! I am so excited to have you back! I cannot wait to pour a glass of wine on my patio this evening and watch you all mill about the resort. It’s a great day on St. John everyone. 🙂

And if you are staying at the resort and would like to see more of the island, I would love to take you on an island tour. In fact, I pick up my first guests Monday and could not be more excited!! Email me at [email protected] for more information.

Have a great day everyone and smile! Because today is a good day…

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  1. So Happy to hear that the Westin is reopening .
    Missed not being able to visit the property last year !! Arriving soon to Parsdise

    Quick ??? Is the Parrott Club open ?

  2. This is great news and it looks like they have done a lot of great work. Looking forward to returning in June.

  3. 27 years ago, this was the Hyatt. We stayed there on our honeymoon. We haven’t been back, but would love to come. Maybe on our 30th!

    • Same with us. July 27, 1991. We will be coming to St. John this summer. Won’t be staying at the Westin, but will definitely be stopping by.

  4. Looks amazing we cannot wait to get back there in May for one of our two trips planned this year. We will also be coming back in October. Looking forward to going to all of our favorite restaurants and enjoying our happy place and seeing lots of old friends.

  5. So happy for you. Mike Daly and I were your first guests many years ago after a prior hurricane…it is my favorite place to be…we stayed in The villas…he bought a time share there and we were lucky to come two times a year for many years until he died…but the memories will last me a lifetime…enjoy your grand opening..it puts a smile on myface

  6. I can just feel your excitement, Jenn… this makes my heart happy too! This is so good to see. <3

  7. My wife Mary Kay and I will be arriving February 3rd. We are soooo looking forward to staying at the Westin on the most relaxing island in the Carribean!

    • Troyal, are you sure you are going to the right place? This is St. John and St. Johns is a different place.

  8. Looks wonderful! Thanks for all your updates. Do you know if the tennis courts are open? Didn’t want to bring a racket Saturday if they are closed.

  9. Great day for St. John and the Westin team! Can’t wait to go back in June! Have the tennis courts been rebuilt yet?

  10. So excited to return to our beautiful, midwinter, wonderland! You all look to have been very busy down there! Can’t wait to see you in February

  11. So proud of all the rebuilding you all did. Your hard work paid off. It is beautiful. Thanks Jenn see you in Oct.

  12. We’re coming for 2 weeks, Sat 26 Jan 2019. Glad the Westin is bouncing back. Looking forward to reconfiguration & accommodations.

  13. Been going down for 2 weeks every March for many years. My wife would play tennis with some of the women who lived there. Are the tennis courts open yet?- thanks

  14. Hi!
    I have to check on March but I would love to know if you ever have any other dates available! Always love staying st the Westin.
    Thank you!

    • Hi Christine,

      Our company, St. John Condos, rents the timeshare condos at the Westin on St. John on behalf of their owners. We usually have about 300 villas in our
      inventory throughout the year. Please let me know what dates you
      are interested in and what size villa you are looking for and I can
      send you what we have available.

      Best Regards,
      St. John Condos

  15. Scheduled to come for my week at the end of September…. couldn’t wait… just booked long weekend at the end of February.

  16. So excited to come back. We have July 4th week, 2 units for the first week of September and Thanksgiving week booked so far. We will only be coming 1 of these weeks so if anyone is interested in renting in Sunset Bay or Coral Bay reply to [email protected].

    • Hi Sharon,

      We have a Studio Coral Vista Villa available 6/29 – 7/6/2019
      if you are dates can be flexible. If not we have a 3 bedroom
      Bay Vista Villa available.

      Best Regards,
      St. John Condos

  17. Jenn,

    Thanks so much for the pics and updates and your online news… so very appreciated!

    Seems like so many people are listing their weeks here (and others are interested in renting)… any chance that you’d ever have a link on your site for people looking to rent our their Westin week?

    Just a thought!

    FYI – we have a President’s Week 2022 available.


  18. Just checked the webcam and saw the lights on at the Westin and a beautiful sunset. What a great sight!! Can’t wait to check in a week from tomorrow.

  19. Will be there in 15 days – can’t wait!! Married at caneel 18 years ago and St. John will forever be my home and happy place

    Thank ou so much for keeping us updated!!

  20. My wife and so and I were among around 100 guests to check in on Jan. 4. We’ll be here for one week. We heard that another 200 or so checked in on Saturday Jan. 5. There were many smiling faces all around. The pool area and the Sunset Bay villas look beautiful. There are some facilities that aren’t open yet, like Lemongrass Grill, Mango deli. It just feels so great to be back!

  21. Anyone know if the floats you can swim out to are back in place? We used to love swimming there and jumping off into the bay. Fun times. We also loved to gamble in town and hit up happy hour at woodys. We also loved feeding the donkeys doughnuts.

  22. My family has been coming to the Westin for the past 16 years as owners. Looking forward to our next trip in August.

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