New Ferry Service between St. John and St. Thomas

cruz bay overlook dec 31 2018

Well folks, we have more great news to share with you all today! There’s a new way to get to St. Thomas, specifically to the airport.

You may recall in our pre-storm world that a new ferry was set to begin shuttling people between Cruz Bay and Crown Bay Marina on St. Thomas. Unfortunately it didn’t last very long, but today we’re happy to tell you that this is now operating on a daily basis. Such great news!

The Crown Bay Marina is located just five minutes from the airport. That means that people can forgo the long taxi ride to the regular Red Hook ferry if they prefer to go that route.

The new ferry, operated by Inter Island Boat Services, leaves Crown Bay daily at 3:30 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. It leaves Cruz Bay daily at 11 a.m. and 4:15 p.m. This ferry does not leave where the regular ferries leave. The Inter Island ferry leaves from the Creek, which is beside the old customs’ building and the Virgin Islands Visitor Center. It’s the ferry that has the yellow sun-like image on it.

The cost of this new ferry is $20 per person. Bags cost $5. The trip takes roughly 35 minutes. And once you arrive at Crown Bay, you can expect to pay about $5 for the five-minute taxi ride to the airport.

Please call 340-776-6597 or 340-201-6311 for more information or to reserve our spot.

Inter Island Boat Services is hoping to restore ferry service between Cruz Bay and the British Virgin Islands soon, they said. We will have more details on that when we hear more.

That’s all we have for you today. “News” you can use! Have a great Monday everyone!

32 thoughts on “New Ferry Service between St. John and St. Thomas”

  1. Hi Jenn,
    This has nothing to do with the ferry (but that is good news, by the way!). Has the Customs Office on STJ been restored since last year? We were there last February, and of course it was still not in existence, but we did notice a large ‘trailer’ type building that was dropped off in that area before we left. As Canadians, we had to ‘check in’ to customs over in Charlotte Amalie after doing a day trip to Jost, which certainly impacted on the time it takes. Of course, after all the islands have been through, we were certainly understanding of the extra steps! Just hoping that the office might be up and running this year. We can’t wait to return in February!

  2. We took this new ferry yesterday back to St. Thomas. After returning our rental cars to Courtesy Jeeps, Greg gave us a ride in his shuttle van right to the dock. We unloaded our bags, bought tickets, and hopped right on the ferry. The captain was extremely accommodating, professional, and helpful. He had taxis waiting for us at Crown Bay to take us to the airport, so there was no waiting. My family stayed at Crown Bay and had lunch at Tickles before heading to the airport. So, that’s an option as well. Overall, the ferry was super easy, and I highly recommend it if it fits with your flight schedule.

    • What time did you take ferry and what time was your flight? Wondering if the 11 am ferry will be enough time to catch a 2 pm flight. Thanks

  3. Really hope we can use the new ferry service for our annual trip to STJ in April, but we will need a serious tailwind for our flight from CLT to STT to make it. Flight scheduled to arrive at 3:15 and we never check bags, but still very tight. But perhaps. We have been as much as 40 minutes early in the past. Fingers crossed!!!

    • They have a 5:30 departure if you miss the 3:30! And you have Tickles right next to the ferry dock to grab a bite to eat and drink.

  4. My wife and I plan to take the 5:30 from Crown Bay this Thursday, really looking forward to giving this a try. Right by Tickles! This is where the old Westin Breeze departed and its nearness to the airport is the main reason we used it. The new Westin Breeze leaves from Red Hook so we’ll never use it again.

    • We took the 3:30 PM Ferry over to St. John today from Crown Bay
      – a 5 minute taxi drive from the airport.
      Had a nice lunch while waiting for the ferry.
      Plan on doing the same return trip the day we have to fly out.

  5. Great location for a ferry service but what’s up with transportation prices in the VI? Correct me if I’m wrong but don’t these ferry company’s receive huge government incentives not to mention dock space and privileges? It’s like OUR tax dollars are paying these companies to profit. $40 round trip and god forbid I decide to have a bag. Let’s learn from other examples and pay the ferry companies what they need to perform with little to no cost to the public patrons. Ex. Fajardo to Vieques PR-$4 round trip, Staten Island ferry-free.

  6. This is great – hopefully they will expand the schedule in the future. And actually it is not more money than taking a taxi to Red Hook and then the ferry. I would rather spend $20 on a ferry ride than $20 on a taxi ride – the views are so much better! And the taxi ride from the airport to Crown Marina is just about the same as the ferry ride from Red Hook. The question is – how much do they charge for bags?

  7. Probably not possible but just wondering if Crown Point is so close to the airport ….. Is it possible to walk there – I know it would depend on amount of luggage but just curious if it is even possible???

  8. This is awesome news! As someone who gets carsick easily, the ride from the airport to/from Redhook in the back seat of a van can get dicey. And traffic can make the ride very long….whoooo hoooo! Excited to come back now…thanks for sharing.

  9. We are a party of 10, including seniors, adults, an infant and two small kids. I have no idea how many bags we’ll have. With a flight scheduled to arrive at STT on Sat. 2/16 at 1:07, the 3:30 ferry seems perfect. I would like to wait until we get to the ferry dock to handle the details of our complicated ticket purchasing/bag fees. Does that seem OK?

  10. We will be flying in from Atlanta, scheduled to arrive at 2:09 with checked bags. Will there be plenty of time to get a taxi and make the 3:30 ferry?

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