An Ode to Quiet Mon Pub

An Ode to Quiet Mon Pub

The beloved St. John institution, Quiet Mon Pub, has officially announced that they will be closing the gate for the final time on Sunday, December 17th, 2023 after 26 incredible years.

The impact Quiet Mon Pub has had on my life, and the lives of so many, almost feels comical – how could a tiny Irish bar on a tiny island in the middle of the Caribbean carry so much weight? 

I first stepped foot in Quiet Mon Pub on October 22nd, 2020 – their first day open for season after an unexpectedly lengthy pandemic shutdown. I had only lived on St. John for 5 months and my new friend, Caleigh, wanted to introduce me to her favorite bar. Little did I know, she would also be facilitating my first hang out with my now-husband, Andy. 

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For years, my husband kept at least one bartending shift per week at QMP, even though he had a full-time job elsewhere. He just loved being there. Eventually, I began to understand the allure. I made a point to always visit him on my lunch break during that one shift each week – Tuesday days. He would have a bowl of chili and a Coca-Cola sitting on the bar, awaiting my arrival. 

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When we went on dates, we would stop in at Quiet Mon first. Our pregnancy, our engagement, our daughter’s first St. John outing at 6-weeks-old – all celebrated at Quiet Mon Pub. It has been our homebase in Cruz Bay since the very beginning of our relationship.

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When money was tight for my family, Kelly and April did everything they could to make sure Andy had an opportunity to get some extra hours. I am absolutely confident that we could not have made it through the many life obstacles that we have experienced over these last few years without QMP. The amount of gratitude I have for this place and these people is immeasurable and it feels silly to even try to put my feelings into words. I guess that’s the nature of my role, so I’ll keep trying. 

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My story is just one of literal thousands. Quiet Mon Pub has been a safe haven for so many.  My daughter practically learned to walk on that wooden floor. 

Six weeks is absolutely not enough time to tell this place goodbye, but I intend to give it all I’ve got and I hope you will too. 

Thank you, Quiet Mon Pub.

May you find what you’re seeking wherever you roam. 


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27 thoughts on “An Ode to Quiet Mon Pub”

  1. Well, that sucks closing. Had hoped to get back there one day to see it again. Husband and I lucky enough to see it on an anniversary trip summer 2017. I remember I liked the light fixtures made of bottles. Hope some pieces of the bar make it to good homes.

    Owners retiring, moving? Love to all at Love City.

  2. ahh Banen this made me tear up a little! Cheers to QMP, for me it was always the late night go to with my coworkers after a long shift at work :’) Are they doing anything like a farewell party?

  3. QMP will certainly be missed. It certainly had an impact on Kenny Chesney who mentions it in his song “Be as you are”. I always enjoyed pointing out to my visitors, his handwritten song worksheets that are framed on the wall.

    • Say it isn’t so!
      We have a two and a half week
      vacation planned on the island in late January. QMP was definitely going to be a stop many times while there. Love the place. We always had a great time talking to Kenny thr bar tender.
      Someone please step in to save the day, Chesney??

  4. We’re losing another iconic St John spot… the source of the shortest ( and most colorful) St Patrick’s Parade in the world…the place where everyone passing below looks up to enjoy familiar smiles. It’s tragic that our local property-owners are killing places like Quiet Mon to replace them with gentrified business that can afford much higher rent. Greed is killing St John as we know it.

  5. Have been coming to STJ with my family and friends for many years now. Quiet Mon is always one of our favorite spots to hang out. One of our last visits a local family called us transients, which we took as a high honor, to not be considered tourists, it was the closest to being considered locals that we will get.
    And to quote that local:
    “Drink right, stay left, make love, not babies, that’s why we call it love city”

  6. What a sweet article, thank you for sharing your QMP story. We all love that bar and I know I’m so sad to hear that it’s closing. I remember it almost shut down in 2012 or so because of a stupid lawsuit, and we were all so glad that Kelly somehow kept it going. I guess I’m glad I didn’t know the last time was the last time…so many good memories. I hate it when good things change on St. John.

  7. Saddened to hear about the closing of QMP, we enjoyed many drinks there on our trips to St. John. “Slan, Agus Beannacht de leath”, Goodbye and GodBless…

  8. Was unexpectedly on island the last week. My wife had some health issues which required me to leave the states and help care for her. She was on St John for a girls vacation. We drove by last week and I pointed out one of my favorite places on island. Had lots on our minds and thought about stopping – but we didn’t. I thought we could show our island virgins the Pub next time. Sad I won’t get to say goodbye – sad we didn’t get to share with our friends. Good Bye to an awesome place with tons of great memories!!!

  9. Always lived visiting St. John as my son, Karl Pytlik of Virgin Magic Charters, lives there in Coral Bay! We would always visit QMP for some drinks! Watched parades from there as well! I wish you all well in your future adventures!! Will miss the place, had so much fun there!! ❤️

  10. One of our favorite St John Bars, we loved the people,the bartenders, and the people watching from the deck! Sad to see it closing, however as the saying goes, a door closes and a window opens, best of luck with the next chapter!

  11. Wow…what a shock! My wife Kym have been to St John many times. All with at least 1 stop to the QMP. Quiet Mon Kenny would always greet us with a hug and an awesome cocktail. I have several pictures of him and other staff which I will save for always! RIP QMP we will never forget you! Jonny & Kym Craig from Boston xoxo

    • Wow! . This one really hurts. I had my first beer (QMP always had the coldest beer on island) on the island August of 2010 at the QMP. Every trip thereafter it was a tradition to get my first and last beer at QMP. The absolute best people watching, and I’ve seen some people from the balcony of QMP. Was always excited to see what dish was in the menu that day. Going to miss this place. slán leat

  12. Quiet Mon is an institution that we have grown to love over the years. There are so few places with true character out there these days. Can’t believe it will be gone the next time we visit in March. Fare thee well Quiet Mon from the Martin Family.

    Thanks for the memories!

  13. This one hurts. Quiet Man was always a stop for us when we visited St John. Just always loved the vibe and banter Ha! We wish you well and will always keep QMP in our memories. Thank You!

  14. Our son, Joe, moved to STJ in Nov 2020. We have enjoyed many evenings there with the bartenders, esp Kenny, waiting for him to be done with service when we have been visiting.
    Ghost popping in was a bonus last May! QMP gave us a taste of local life & we’ll miss going there. Best wishes for the current owners as they embark on the their next phase of life!

  15. Truly sad to hear this news too. Though frequent day visitors to St. John
    for many years ( from STT), the QMP was always a favorite stop.
    We have many shirts, hats, stickers, coozies, all collected over the years.
    Fond memories now of a great place! Wishing all-the best. Slainte and may the road rise up to meet you in a better place

  16. Our favorite STJ bar. Used to have an Internet cafe in the late 90’s and 2000’s, before everyone had IPhones. Will definitely miss that quiet Cruz Bay oasis.

  17. Oh noooooo!!!! I am terribly saddened to learn this!! QMP has been one of our most favorite “dive bars” & watering holes since we began coming to “Love City” back in 2002. So
    E of our favorite memories are conversations with Kenny who has always been our favorite bartender.
    St John will NEVER be the same without Quiet Mon!! So many good times and all the familiar local faces & cast of characters that walked through its doors have always been fun & entertaining. QMP & your crew will be greatly missed! We wish each of you all the very best and hope to see some of you around when we return next year.
    God Bless!

  18. This is really sad news! I will be on island in late April and was really looking forward to a visit to the QMP. Now I definitely have to figure out if there is a way to get merch from there before they close.

  19. Such sad news. Hard to believe my cold beer on the deck last May would be the last. Had some very interesting conversations with the Ghost while watching the world pass by. I will certainly miss QMP when we’re back on island next May.

  20. Thank you Banen! We met Andy last year & he was happy about having a child. I remember him telling us in Oct. he was going to be at the new steak house across from Lime Inn. My husband & I have been going to St. John since 1990. I don’t remember what was there then. We have been at QMP every year since it opened. I can’t even count how many times or how may shirts. This was such sad news as we were just there Oct.25 to Nov. 7th & nobody told us or we would have been there every other day. Your daughter is beautiful, congratulations.

  21. What a shock to read and I’m saddened that QMP will close before I get back in January. I always loved bathe vibe and was one of our first stops each trip. Got to stick with the originals. You will be missed. Cheers to your future plans wherever they take you.

  22. Will miss the Quiet Mon and the people even more. Kelly, Kenny and the whole crew were just awesome. We had named a racehorse after the Quiet Mon and I always enjoyed sitting in the corner where the photos were and sip on a beer with folks. QMP was my escape: never a bad moment, always a laugh and lots of love. My last visit was the eve before Irma visited the island.

    I wish everyone connected with QMP over the many years lots of happiness and while closing may be sad remember that you touched so many lives….you and the “place up the stairs” will live on in the hearts of your patrons and friends for many many years.

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