Old question: Rent a car or a Jeep?

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St. John Car Rental is in Cruz Bay

In the olden days, there was no argument. 

The island was undeveloped, roads were often unpaved, so four-wheel-drive was the way to go. Suzuki Sidekicks became the iconic “island cars.” 

But now that there are paved roads. SUVs and even some sedans are bein used. 

However, what if you still want to go off road, to find that perfect secluded beach.  KarenBakar, a visitor, posed the question on TripAdvisorCar vs. Jeep?

ToesintheSand said it’s not the rocky roadways that argue four 4WD. “The 'remote' beaches require walking or hiking for the most part. A 4WD is recommended for driving on the island because the regular paved roads can become slippery after the normal rain shower. The roads are on steep grades and have sharp turns making them 'interesting" to drive without 4WD.'

STTResident voted for four-wheel. “Most of the car rental agencies on STT won't rent you anything other than a 4WD if St John is your final destination.”

But GotToGetAway saw lots of non-4WDs. “I saw minivans, a Prius, and other small Toyotas and Kias. It was the first time I noticed this and it struck me as odd.”

Papabou’s driven both 4WD and a front-whjeel drive Ford Fusion.  While both did the job, he’s sold on all-wheels. “If you want to see more of island and not be really crazy to drive in rain, go for 4wh dr.”

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  1. We have been renting a Patriot for the last five years. Personally, I won’t drive unless the road is dry. ONCE I tried to drive up Jacob’s Ladder wet. NEVER AGAIN.

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