St. John Hardware launches Web site

StjohnhardwareStjohnhardwarevi.com is the new Internet address for the island’s largest hardware store.

“Owners Tom & Terry Bertolino and Jim & Kate Swan wanted to give their store as strong a presence on the Internet as the storefront has on the island,” they said in a news release. 

Separate pages of  the site describe the business’s inventory of plumbing supplies, paint, hardware, electrical supplies and so on. It does not allow online ordering.

Perhaps as important as describing what the store sells, the site makes a pitch for visitors to also buy it. 

A tab on the home page, Business Opportunity, takes you to a description of the business. It which was offered for sale 15 months ago. The asking price then was $1.695 million. 

“(St. John Hardware), being the only hardware store on the island, understands its importance to the local population to stock needed items and handles a much broader inventory than the typical neighborhood hardware store serving a similar demographic. We service an average of 280 customers a day with an average sale of $45,” the site says.

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