Our Market Smoothies may look tired, but the drinks are not

Photo courtesy of Heaven R.

Anybody can give you a review of Asolare or Zozo’s.  But what about the really local places, like Our Market Smoothies in Cruz Bay, a business which just kind of popped into being one morning?  Doesn’t advertise, nobody talks much about bit, but you might think of it as a secret pleasure of the island.  Certainly a few people online do.

Kelsey C. wrote a nice Yelp.com review recently, conceding at the start, “Our Market looks like a run-down shack.”  But, the possibly-premed student wrote, “The Smoothies are anything but tired.  Real fruit and ice, these frozen delights will leave you refreshed and help you recharge in the heat.”

Beyond the $5 Mango concoction and the chilled coconut version that goes for $4, you can also add some  rum to your smoothie.  $3. Lots of people have, Kelsey says, because there’s a video Our Market shows “of various past inebriated guests screaming praises.”

Lori M. is, however, NOT a fan of this hole in the wall business.  “If I could give the place -5 stars, I would.”  It’s a ramshackle shack “with muddy charrs and two muddy tables,” she told Yelp.  She said the owner “is the nastiest man I ever met in my entire life.”  According to Lori, she and her friends were ignored and when they left “he cursed my friend.”

If you’ve got a different take on Our Market Smoothiestell it to Yelp here.  Our Market Smoothies has lots of positive comments on its Facebook page.

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  1. without a doubt, the best ones and the nicest service are from Willamina at Nature’s Nook, the little fruit/vegetable stand across from where the cruise ship passengers travel. The difference? You can watch Willamina add real fruit with no “extracts”, just ice & fruit. (Do you know how many chemicals are in those extracts???) If you notice some of the others, including the one reviewed have all kinds of stuff piled in front of the blenders so you cannot see what is being put in them. Makes me suspect!

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