New publisher for NewsofStJohn

donkeyBeginning tomorrow, there will be a new hand at the keyboard of NewsofStJohn.com.

The Inquiring Iguana has turned the business over to Jenn Manes-Wilcox.

She is an experienced journalist and a huge fan of the island, two critical elements to insure the site’s relevance, service and success.

You can learn more about Jenn’s background and plans here.

As for me and Mrs. Inquiring Iguana, we’re going to explore other beaches and sunsets.

21 thoughts on “New publisher for NewsofStJohn”

  1. Best of luck to you & the Mrs. I’ve enjoyed my daily visits to your site and look forward to what comes next.

  2. I’ve learned quite a lot from your site over the years and certainly understand, moving on!
    All the best and continued good health.


  3. Shalom Frank are you leaving the island forever… lf so many Blessings to you. l must say that your Good news reports on the website has always brightened my days and countless others. May The Lord Jesus Christ Richly Bless your heart with a thousand of smiles from Heaven attached to it. Remember this Always: We Love You. Amen.

  4. Sorry to see you go, but hope you enjoy your new endeavors. I’ve really enjoyed visiting this site everyday to stay on top of what’s going on in St. John

  5. Best of luck to you, Frank. We enjoyed staying in Blue Tang a few years ago and I’ve been a daily fan of your work ever since. Enjoy!

  6. Best of luck to you! THansk for so many great years of information. I love St Johns so much and your emails make me feel like I am there. Look forward to the next era of News of St John.

    ….I will keep buying jewlery on-line from your wife! Great stuff.

  7. Thank you Frank for your wonderful, enjoyable news updates. We have enjoyed reading your newsletter, and it brought joy to our day. Best of luck to you always!

  8. Frank,
    Thank you so much for your many years of reporting what is going on in St John. Best of luck to the 2 of you in your new adventures. Tim

  9. Thanks for views, articles, and almost smells and sounds of St. John that are so delightful for us between visits! Best to you as you move along your path.

  10. Thanks much for your insightful articles and stories about SJ.

    Best wishes to you and yours for an enjoyable future!

    You will be missed.

  11. Thank you for providing us all the great information since starting News of St. John. May God bless you and your family greatly in the years ahead. You’ve been a blessing to my family and friends!

  12. I have to echo Ted’s email because it says exactly what I was thinking…
    Best of luck to you, Frank! Thanks for so many great years of information. I love St John and your emails make me feel like I am there.

    Let me also add that I certainly understand that you want to ENJOY paradise. You will probably never know how many smiles were generated with your News of St John emails.

    I also look forward to the next era of News of St John with Jenn. Thanks for taking up the reins and keeping us all up-to-date!

    Frequent Visitor,

  13. Frank, Thank you for the many years of providing information and news about “my ” island. God bless you with success as you move on with your future plans. John.

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