$15 million to fix airport’s runways

Cyrilkingairport They promise it won't further screw up operations at the St. Thomas Airport.

The Virgin Islands Port Authority has begun a nine month project which will see the first major repairs to the runways since the airport was built in 1991, almost 20 years ago.  In its report of the project, The Virgin islands Daily News reported 95 percent of the money for the job is from the federal government.

The Port Authority said all the work will be done at night. As construction workers lay down new asphalt under the moon, by daylight it will be tested to make sure its safe for use.

One reason it's taken so long for this kind of work to be done is that the feds refused to allow the Virgin islands to request such help.  That's because the Territory failed to close a landfill near the St. Croix airport.  Finally, the VIs gave the feds a plan and a timetable for a closing, which they accepted.  The Daily News said, however, the Territory has already missed one deadline for that project.

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