Twistin’ and Shoutin’ at the Blues Festival

A good time was had by thousands. The eighth annual St. John Blues Festival rolled across the island from Cruz Bay to Coral Bay, then back to Love City and the Beach Bar for a wrap-up extravaganza Sunday night.

The Festival, featuring five nights of free music from world class blues performers, was founded, organized and produced by Steve Simon.

The big show was Saturday night in Coral Bay.  In the audience, on the stage, behind the stage – for all The Inquiring Iguana knows he was UNDER the stage … the island's internationally-known photographer, Steve Simonsen.

"Oh, what a night! Four outstanding Blues Bands Rock the Coral Bay ball field and the island of St. John once more!," he said. "Thank you again Steve & Helen Simon and everyone else that helped make it a night to remember!"

Simonsen fired off an e-mail point us to his Facebook page and photos from the show. 

UPDATE!!! Simonsen has posted photos from, the Coral Bay Concert at http://web.me.com/ssimonsen/Site/St._John_Blues_Festival_2010.html
Click the Photos link at the top of the page.


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  1. Although I wasnt able to make it to the festival, Steve Simonsens photo’s have conveyed the moment! Full of energy, he is an amazing photographer!

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