Wrong-way Roundabouter

The Roundabout construction in Cruz Bay is almost done. Some folks are calling it the island's first four-lane highway.  (Four roads converge on the circle, get it?)Roundabou

The Islandia Real Estate blog published this photo of the circle which shows (1) the project's looking good, and (2) school kids are still crossing where they always have.  Some people suggest the crossing be  moved closer to the front of the school to get the kids away from several lanes of traffic.

Not everyone's figured out the Roundabout, though.  People used to driving on the right side of the road have an adjustment to make when going in a circle.

Noseeum And then, a driver, caught in the act by No See Um …      "OK! Check that white SUV  (marked by a red circle), pretty much in the center. Snapped this as they drove ON THE RIGHT through the roundabout, narrowly missing a collision with the red Jeep Cherokee (marked by a black circle)."

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