Workouts to resume at Gym in Paradise?

Gym header-final_nolinks The Inquiring Iguana hears a report that the original owners of Gym in Paradise at the Marketplace are planning to reopen the facility. 

The off-islander who bought the Gym in 2007, Mark Dallas, decided not to move to the island. He's closed the doors. 

Experience suggests that re-opening the Gym is not what the original owners wanted to do. After all, they sold the place. But it's likely they are still on the lease, as guarantors for Dallas.

Their best strategy: re-open, re-build, re-sell.

2 thoughts on “Workouts to resume at Gym in Paradise?”

  1. The new owners are the old owners, right Frank?
    It looks like Kate and Terri and their hubby’s bought got the business back?

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