Woody’s Opening New Restaurant in Coral Bay

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We’ve received a ton of questions over the past few months about the status of Island Blues, and we can finally tell you what’s going on … the folks from Woody’s are officially taking it over!

The new spot’s going to be called Woody’s Waterfront Saloon, and from what we hear, it’s going to be pretty cool. They’re working to spruce the place up now and if all goes well, they’re hoping to open around March. They’re currently tweaking their menu, but we can say that some of Woody’s favorite menu items will make an appearance over in Coral Bay.

Woody’s Waterfront Saloon will be open seven days a week and will serve lunch and dinner. They’ll offer a great happy hour like their sister restaurant in Cruz Bay, although the drink specials will likely be different. They’re also planning on offering a variety of fun lawn games and are going to take advantage of its awesome waterfront location.

We’ll keep you all posted on its progress.

view from island blues

21 thoughts on “Woody’s Opening New Restaurant in Coral Bay”

  1. Can’t wait to try it! Hope they are open by June! I was expecting something new from Woody’s once they closed Across the Street… and here it is lol

  2. I love Island Blues. I used to love Woody’s and really don’t want to say anything negative. I just hope that when I go to Woody’s this year things are better and Island Blues will be back to being a sweet place. I wish them the best of luck!! Hope it’s open for March when we’re there.

  3. After going to Woody’s for the last 20 years, I often leave feeling that if I want to drink with my children( or grandchildren) I would stay in the states. Hopefully, their place in Coral Bay will be different!

  4. Island Blues has always had issues whether it’s the shady people that hang around or inexperienced owners who don’t have a clue on how to run a bar. Glad to see Woody’s moving in.

    • I’m with Tim’s assessment. This has always had such potential and is a fantastic spot, but it cant survive if some things dont totally change. I can’t wait to check it out.

  5. One more comment: When we come to the Island we always use the taxi service rather than drive around the Island especially if we’ve gone to the bar. Being that Island Blues is on of my favorites, it’s always been a challenge to get from there back to Cruz or Cinnamon where we stay using the bus system which works some of the time or setting up a taxi. We mentioned it to the previous owner the possibility to set up a shuttle, perhaps it could be looked into. A shuttle from Woody’s to Woody’s would be awesome. Just a thought.

  6. This is really good news! Island Blues has always been one of our favorite spots and we were sorry that it didn’t work out for Colette (for whatever reason). I share Mary’s perception that Woody’s is more of a kids place, but I understand that I was 21 once also and there money is just as good. Looking forward to it! this year ??

    • They’re working diligently to open it. Some things are out of their hands at the moment. We will keep you all posted.

  7. Still a no go. Boarded up and island blues sign still up. Doesn’t look like any work happening there !

  8. I heard that the cistern was in bad shape and about 4X more expensive to replace than expected so the opening is delayed. Hopefully open by August. I liked Island Blues because it was one place that locals and visitors coexisted. Woody’s is more of a party place – Island Blues was laid back and chill. I am hoping they find a nice middle when they open! Looking forward to it!

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