Moose Made It to His New Home!

Moose and his new family
Moose and his new family

Yesterday’s blizzard impacted a lot of things along the East Coast yesterday, but it wasn’t going to get in the way of one thing – Moose’s journey to his new home.

By now, most of you probably know Moose’s story. He’s an adorable dog that was living at the Animal Care Center here on island for more than four-an-a-half years. A big social media push was made several months ago to find him his forever home. There were a few bumps in the road, but the ACC, which is an extraordinary organization by the way, was able to find him a fantastic, loving family in the Boston area. Once the family was found, he needed a ride. The Riggi family, New Yorkers who visit the island frequently, graciously stepped up and offered the use of their private plane. Well they all left yesterday and Moose landed safely in Albany before taking a private car to meet his new owners. Here are some pictures of his journey:

Saying goodbye to Laurie Damron, a woman who was instrumental in finding Moose his forever home:

laurie ryan moose

Walking up to his private plane with Ryan Moore, the manager of the ACC:

moose private jet

The pilots were very excited to be a part of Moose’s journey:

moose pilots

The Riggi family, Moose and Ryan

heading on th eplane

Moose and his new best friend Patty Riggi:

moose patty

Ryan and Moose flying in style:

ryan plane

Can this dog be any happier?

moose so happy

This story simply makes us smile. Thank you to everyone who helped Moose in his journey. 🙂

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  1. Such a wonderful story. Good luck to Moose and his new family. Also kudos to everyone who helped to make this possible. Just love being connect to St. John via newsletter.

  2. MOOSE is inspiration for all animals looking for loving homes! He’s a celebrity on Boston news last couple of days! Great feel good story. Keep up the good work to ACC!

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