Why your iPhone doesn’t work

Iphone Several Coral Bay residents say their AT&T cell service is awful.  Dropped calls and garbled conversations are common, they told the St. John Source's Lynda Lohr.

AT&T is the exclusive cell service for Apple's iPhone.  AT&T sells other phones, too, and service on them is also, at best, iffy.

A spokeswoman for AT&T, in Puerto Rico, told the Source that maintenance people recently worked on the company's transmitter tower on Bordeaux Mountain, but customers are still complaining.

Besides bad connections, one woman said billing isn't right either.  "She gets roaming charges that indicate she's called from … Grenada and Jamaica," the Source reported.

In Coral Bay, AT&T is the only option, the newspaper said. "Other cell phone companies' phones don't work at this end of St. John."

8 thoughts on “Why your iPhone doesn’t work”

  1. We had full signal in Coral Bay when it was Cingular, it’s been headed downhill since the purchase
    and has almost bottomed out.

  2. Persistance is the key. And do not be afraid to ask for credit for lousy service. I have done so and received a $50 service credit and $25 service credit respectively on each of two seperate occasions. Hitting them in the bottom line will get someone’s attention faster than calls to service centers.

  3. Crabby in Coral Bay said …
    Knowing that there is a serious problem public safety issue affecting a large chunk of St. John residents, I’m surprised local officials have not initiated a class action lawsuit. Folks cannot call for help in an emergency, and its been going on for six months!
    After numerous apologies and service credits from AT&T, but no improvement in service, I finally said, “Either fix the problem, or send me a basic 3G phone so I can get and receive calls.” Guess they got tired of me calling; AT&T sent me a free 3G phone, without a contract, about a month ago. I now get and receive calls just fine. Since then, others have gotten either 1)a free 3G phone or 2)a (non-service)credit from AT&T for use toward the purchase of new 3G phone.

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