Why no Pond Bay photos for a while

Pondbay Matt and Howard are back from Boston but they don't plan to resume posting weekly photos of the Pond Bay project, taken from their house.  The reason – well, there's not much progress being made. 

"For a time, we were regularly posting updated pictures of the Pond Bay development at Chocolate Hole," they wrote on their blog," St. John Talk. "However, for the past month or so, development has halted.  Rumors suggest funding has dried up.  Therefore, it seems a bit silly to continue to upload pictures while no changes are taking place. Therefore, until development resumes, we will halt the Pond Bay updates."

The Inquiring Iguana hears that there's a dispute between the Pond Bay developer and the money folks, a German bank.  Earlier plans to open the project in time for Christmas  seem overly-optimistic, maybe by next summer.

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  1. Another sad scar on the island….beautiful land turned into promised ‘resort’ & then left with the scab & wound wide open & unfinished….

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