An evening of wine, music, and food on the beach

FlavAd1 The island's food and wine event of the year is set for Saturday night at the Westin Resort.

As many as 325 people are expected at the event, Flavors, to taste, munch, sip, and savor the best the island's many chefs and restaurants have to offer. 

"This is high scale dining not a free food buffet frenzy or cocktail party," said Kati Steinborn, owner of Katilady Events and chairman of the Rotary Club-sponsored event.

The caterers and restaurants will be competing to make the Best Overall Presentation, and serve the best Appetizer, Entree and Dessert.  Judges include the Virgin Islands Chef of the Year as well as two winners from the Taste of St. Croix. Party goers will also have a voice in the selections through a silent ballot. 

Steinborn had a caution for the food vendors. "While the crowd gets a little nuts when word gets around that someone is serving filet mignon, if that filet is not delicious the crowd knows it," she said. "Do something that sounds intriguing and is absolutely delicious and you will win the crowd."

Proceeds from Flavors go to St. John Rotary's scholarships and community activities.  The goal is $35,000. Flavors begins at 6:30pm.  Tickets are $100 at the door.  Music for the dining and dancing will be provided by Inner Visions.

If you're visiting the island and want to have a great evening, taste the best there is and meet some real St. Johnians, go to Flavors.  You'll get a real taste of the island.

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