Where to pop the question?

Don't tell Dave A's girlfriend, but the New Yorker is planing to propose.  In a month, they'll be on the island and he's asking the St. John Travel forum for some guidance to the most romantic place on the island and the fanciest/nicest restaurant.

Ski2play2002 suggested "any beach with a westward viuew" at sunset time and then a trip to the Sugar Mill at Caneel Bay. "Absolutely loved the romance, food, and service."

54b is an outdoorsy person, suggesting Peace Hill at dusk, between Hawksnest and Trunk bays. "It has a neat windmill ruin and a large outcropping, wide panoramic views."  Ram Head Bay at dawn was also an idea. "Nothing says 'take the plunge with me' like standing on top of an overlook with 100-foot clffs on three sides."  However, 54b reminded, "it does require a three-mile round trip hike from the Salt Pond Bay parking lot."

PotluckDreamshark from Minneapolis remined, "The tiny biting flies tend to come out at dusk.  So, if you're both dancing around and slapping no-see-ums, the romantic quality of your proposal may be affected."

After reading more of the responses, it appears Dave A and spouse-to-be will be on the water when it's Question Time.  They're staying at the Treetops villa and its co-owner Hank Slodden does sunset cruises with his New England lobster boat, Pot Luck.  Dave's asked Hank to find the perfect spot.

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