What’s Up With the Weather?

First there was the Sahara Dust which blew in last week. Then there was the earthquake that shook the island on Monday. And on Wednesday, a Tropical Wave prompted a flood advisory throughout the area.

What is up with the weather?

This is what the view from Amorosa in Peter Bay is supposed to look like:

Amorosa Clear Day

But this is what it looked like last weekend amid the Sahara Dust:

Amorosa Saharan Dust

And this is what it looked like yesterday:

Amorosa Tropical Wave

The National Weather Service is calling for sunny skies today with a high of 83 degrees. The weather, hopefully, will be looking brighter in the days to come.

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  1. It’s so interesting to see the comparisons of pics. Thanks for posting them! It’s easy to see and understand “sahara dust” when you see these pictures!

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