House Hunters Int’l Returns to STJ

house-hunters-internationalSt. John will once again provide the backdrop for the popular HGTV show House Hunters International with a film crew beginning its first of a three-day shoot today on the island.

Diana Beam, owner/broker of Re/Max Island Paradise Realty, Inc., is taping her third House Hunters International episode this week, which will follow a Florida couple and their elementary school-aged daughter in their quest to find the perfect rental property in Coral Bay.

The family will view three properties ranging in price from $750,000 to just under $1 million. Here is a sneak peak of the properties the family will view:

House Number 1:

House Hunters 1

House Number 2:

House Hunter 2

House Number 3:

House Hunters 3

All of the properties look incredible to us here at NOSJ. Which of the three would you choose?

According to Diana, it will be a few months before the episode airs. NOSJ will keep you in the loop.

8 thoughts on “House Hunters Int’l Returns to STJ”

  1. Fun, and all of them would work for me! LOL, At least this will be a most recent excursion. The last one was so staged it made me laugh, the guys with the Pet Store.

  2. If they are really filming today in the drenching rain they will be able to discuss the roof catchment and cistern water systems instead of the water truck access and cost.

  3. Just a little disappointed in House Hunters after the last one on St John showed the family of 3 a one bedroom condo at Grande Bay, which they did not buy, of course. Come to find out the dad in the family of 3 is the Sales Director of Grande Bay, something conveniently left out of the discussion while they poured over how nice it was but it was just too small.

    Shameless plug kind of taints it a little, huh?

  4. My personal favorite part of that House Hunters was when they included a shot of a monkey…a monkey on St. John.

  5. LOL.. I am here b/c I saw a house hunter intl., last night and fell in love with St Johns Bay- Am I to understand it rains a lot in the off season? Is that why it is off?

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