What’s that Boat in the Bay?

What's that Boat in the Bay? 1
Maho & Francis bays

Hello everyone, and happy Monday! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday this year! Over the last few days, we showed you how to drive the streets of St. John and how to look up public property records. Well today, we’re going to tell you how to find information on the boats that are in the bays surrounding St. John.

I’m sure you’ve been sitting on a beach and saw a beautiful boat out in the bay and wanted to know more about it. Or perhaps you were watching one of St. John’s many webcams and saw a cool boat pass by. Well it’s pretty simple to get information on these boats.

The first thing you need to do is visit www.marinetraffic.com or download the Marine Traffic app. (There may be a small fee associated with the download.) Then choose which part in the world you want to learn more about.

Obviously today we’re talking about St. John. I first zoomed into the US Virgin Islands. Next I zoomed into the area near Maho and Francis Bays. The following screenshots were taken from the app, not the website:

What's that Boat in the Bay? 2
The colored shapes are vessels that are currently around the Virgin Islands.
What's that Boat in the Bay? 3
These are the vessels that are currently in the Maho and Francis area.

You will see in the first screenshot that there are a few different colors. The magenta colors indicate a pleasure vessel. Dark blue shapes are typically ferries, barges and cruise ships. Red colors usually show tankers. Light blue shows tugboats. Green usually shows cargo ships. All of these vessels are using transponders.

When you are interested in a vessel, simply click on it. Information including the ship’s name, call sign, type, size and port calls will pop up. Here is an example of the Lady Leila, which has been anchored near Maho and Francis for several weeks. What's that Boat in the Bay? 4 What's that Boat in the Bay? 5 What's that Boat in the Bay? 6 What's that Boat in the Bay? 7

Once you find a name, you can do a quick Google search to learn more. The Lady Leila, for example, is a charter boat.

Pretty neat, right? Just another way for you all to pass the time during this pandemic.

Have a great day, safe safe and be kind! We’re all in this together, folks! 🙂

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  1. I read your page every morning with my coffee 🙂 so nice to have all the update keep up the good work. love the drive around 🙂

  2. Another fun way to pass the time! Thanks, Jenn! This is the first page I open up in the morning for a smile and sunshine

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