Want to Know Who Owns a Certain Property? Here’s How…

Want to Know Who Owns a Certain Property? Here's How... 1
A screenshot of the website to search for USVI property owners.

Hello everyone, and happy Saturday! Saturday, Tuesday, it’s all really the same at this point, isn’t it?? Yesterday we showed you all how you could literally drive the streets of St. John using Google and Apple Maps. I’m sure you stumbled on some beautiful properties and views. 🙂

When you’re driving down the road and you see an incredible villa, part of you (or at least me) wants to know who owns the property. Or perhaps you’re doing a little villa shopping and you’re curious who owns a parcel or even the adjoining land. Well, you can find out that information pretty easily. And today, we’re going to tell you how.

The way it works is simple: First, visit https://usvi.mapgeo.io. There you’ll find two main ways to search for a property record. First, you can zoom in to either St. John, St. Thomas or St. Croix. Once you zoom in to a particular island, the property lines will pop up. Click on the parcel of interest to you, and you will see the owner’s information.

You can also look up property information by address, property owner or property id. For example, you can type in Peter Bay if you want to pull up the property records in that area.

This system was launched in 2014. At the time, the then-lieutenant governor stated: “Our goal remains to remove the mystery associated with property records of this territory … Recent updates to the GIS viewer, which provides property data and the territory’s most current aerial photography, now gives users access to a wealth of property information, to include zoning, flood zone, soil and topography data and street addresses.”

Please note: The information is not updated in realtime. 

Just like the maps we told you about yesterday, this site is great for passing lots of time. Enjoy everyone! Have a wonderful weekend!

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11 thoughts on “Want to Know Who Owns a Certain Property? Here’s How…”

  1. This is a great way to pass time…whatever day it is anymore! thank you! As I sit here currently and continue to look at flights to come in November and February….all the while hoping we can still come at the end of May/June. All three would be wonderful! Happy Saturday, island friends. So glad I stumbled upon you site.

  2. Thank you. I so enjoy your News of St John. t certainly helps pass the time but i go back to view past articles or to relax loking at a particular beach

    Great job.

  3. Very cool, Jenn. I always wondered who bought and renovated the house on the hill above Hawksnest (I think it was once called Hawsksnest Villa and the house I always coveted). You can see the house from Hawksnest. Makes sense that it was Karl Haub, who owns Hawksview Estate, the house right above and the house that was featured in Architectural Digest many years ago. It’s also intriguing that Karl, a German billionaire, disappeared mysteriously in the Alps a few years.

  4. Thanks for this fun info, Jenn. I’ve spent most of the day looking up all the villas I stayed in when visiting St. John.
    Knowing the address, you can then google that and find more info, especially if the villa is for sale. I always stayed in Catherineberg, as the North Shore is my favorite side of the island.

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