What To Do On a Rainy Day in St. John

It rained for days on the island this week, so what exactly do you do when it seems like the sun is never going to return? Well our good friend Captain John over at Palm Tree Charters made this great mobile movie for us showing exactly how some of the locals have been passing the time.

Palm Tree Charters

5 thoughts on “What To Do On a Rainy Day in St. John”

  1. Just cover your beverage with your hand, so it won’t get watered down! Any day on Saint John is still paradise!

    Loved this video! We will be back to Saint John in 31 days! Who’s counting???

  2. Thanks John, for showing us some familiar faces and I concur with the other 2 posts, a rainy day on STJ is better than most places I know!

  3. ? I was wondering where all of the poor folks live on St. John ? u know all of the working people, maids, bar tenders, servers, the work force ? I’m gloing to make the move to St. John when i retire and was wondering how do you afford to live and work there ?

  4. Great video Captain John!! Love it. All your Dallas peeps say hello: Jim/Laura, Bert/Barbara, Robyn/Randy, Colleen/Kyle etc….we love you!

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