Favorite memorabilia of St. John

I’m talking about souvenirs.  Baseball hats, Sun visors, t-shirts of course, cup holders, books, maps, there’s a boatload of stuff you can buy on island to remind you of your time on the rock. (Graphic courtesy of Wkipedia.)

My favorite souvenir wasn’t bought.  It is a coconut shell, half of it anyway … broken when we were at Cinnamon Bay. A coconut husk had fallen from one of the trees.  I stood on the beach, peeled it to get to the nut, aka the endocarp.  And then I threw that hard thing against the rock, several times. trying to break it to get at the coconut meat.  I still have the shell, and use it as a paper clip collector on my desk.

So, what’s the best souvenir you’ve taken home?  Write about it here.

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  1. When I was 7, visiting St.John for the first time,a local told my family that if we went out to the swim markers at Francis and dug around in the sand we would find old Danish bricks that were used as ballast for the rum runners who would dump the bricks and pick up the cargo (presumably rum) ….so I did exactly that and found a bunch of bricks. I snuck one home. Is there a statute of limitations on that?

  2. A handful of sand from Maho (count me into the criminal set) that I have in a martini glass displayed in our corner cupboard.
    My favorite purchased one is a gold hook bracket from RI Patton

  3. Our last trip on the island which was Feb of 2007 I got a print of two donkeys on the beach. I got it from a shop right near Mongoose and it was Michael…I can’t remember the last name. But I love it. I enjoy seeing all the wild donkeys on the island when we visit, so now I can see them any time I like!
    I also have a few Elaine Estern prints that help me remember why I work everyday…to vacation in St John!!

  4. I have glass vials of sand from many of the beaches that I frequenlty admire. Favoratie material item is a petroglyph necklace from Freebird.

  5. My favorite souvineers are my St John Market Baskets. My parents bought one from Ms Felicia at Annaberg in 1984. I’ve added a couple to my collection on more recent trips to St John. It is amazing that this basketry tradition going back to the 19th Century has survived on St John. It is thought that the Moravians introduced basket weaving and the distinct shape of the hoop vine market baskets. These baskets formed an important component of the St John subsistence economy prior to tourism in the 20th Century.

  6. My Duffy’s Love Shack pint glass is a favorite. We also recently picked up a St. John Brewers wall mounted bottle opener that is mounted at our camp and gets frequent use during the summer.

  7. I invevitably cherish the timeless serenity and kind new relationships the most, whilst unpacking back at home. Yes, I do take interesting stones, shells, leaves, and interesting curios to the continental with me after glorious visits to St. John. Though, what lies besides me on the eve of sleep in my own bed, is the feeling of sandy feet, happy hearts, ocean scapes, and tropical bliss. In my soul embedded, is a souvenir that breathes the St. John breeze, a calling wind to return…and stay…left. Next visit, this November!!! Peaceloveandhappiness from the Chi. -Catao

  8. Among the many souvenirs we have from St John, probably my favorite is a print of Cruz Bay by Linda Haywood. We purchased it at the art shop in Wharfside Village which, as of last winter, was no longer there. I can’t remember the name of the place but we used to shop there a lot. Anyway, the print hangs in our 3-season porch room and every time I look at it I remember all the things we love about St. John. Can’t wait to get back there!

  9. While snorkeling at Salt Pond, I looked down and somehow saw a dollar bill in the sand about 10-15 feet below me. It was a little slimy and pretty chewed up, but still in one piece. I’m pretty easily amused, I guess.

  10. Aside from my 10 days in St. John being THE BEST VACATION EVER? I have a photo of Little St. James that I took from our sunset sail that literally is in every room I spend time in: my bedroom, my home office, my livingroom, and my work office.
    My favorite material thing I bought? A little magnet that I got at Mongoose Juction that says “I Left My Heart On St. John.” It’s so true.

  11. By far, my favorite souvenir was a feral kitten that I brought home from the island in 1997. He was found alone on Hawksnest beach and we named him Hawkie. He lived a good life with us and brought us much joy. It broke my heart when he died this past March, for I miss him terribly.
    My second favorite souvenir is a hand made coconut bird feeder, which, by the way, was more difficult to bring through customs than the cat!

  12. My two teenage daughters bought “hurricane bracelets” from a jewelry store in Great Cruz Bay(which I think is now for sale). They were custom made and my girls even met the designer. They still remain a great reminder of a fabulous family vacation on St. John

  13. My favorite souvenier of St. John is a petroglyph charm necklace purchased at RI Patten years ago. I take many photos and use some of them as inspiration for drawings and paintings. They, along with placemats and tablecloths from the Fabric Mill keep St. John in our minds year round

  14. Another day, here in Pennsylvania, at the grind. As I sit behind my desk talking to my administrative assistant, I see her look down. She picks up my card holder. It is a brown surfer dog, with a sanguine smile, a spiked collar and round beady eyes made out of some type of medal.”Where did you get this adorable creature?, she asked. “One of the best bars in the world, SKINNEY LEGS, St John, USVI”, I answered. “Well” she said with an evil smile on her face as she turned the little dog over, “Did you know that it’s a boy.” We both fell out laughing. This little dog is my favorite keepsake because as it rests on my desk, it brings a smile to my face as does St. John. Can’t wait to come back!

  15. One morning while my family and I were staying in Coral Bay I decided to comb the shoreline looking for shells and whatnot. I found so many interesting things from dried fan coral to sea urchins. I ended up with about 5 pounds of gorgeous items and now have them on display in my home. Just beautiful, and what memory makers they are.

  16. I have so many things from SJ, paintings, prints, clothing, jewelry, stickers, etc. I know this is touristy – but my SJ hook bracelet – I wear every day -as do my husband and children – we feel it keeps us connected SJ. I also have from Trunk Bay – a little sand & some small shells in a caribbean blue vase that sits on my desk. Everyday I look at that and know I was there with my family & friends. Oh I miss SJ.

  17. I cherish everything I have gathered in the years traveling to St. John so much! I’m reminded everyday with items in my office (cube) the jewlery I wear & the addition to our home, which is the best thing I ever did. My ideas came from traveling to St. John. Tiles by Elaine Estern, lighting from Donald Schnell, fabrics from the beautiful sunsets, the idea stone & brick walls from Annaburg Sugar Plantation, Cinnamon Bay Ruins & Cathrenburg. The spa is a welcoming retreat & is the times spent on St. John.
    …my hook bracelet is always on~
    Hope to return soon!

  18. The absolute best souvenirs I’ve brought home from St. John are all the memories of the wonderful vacations we’ve had on that gorgeous paradise island. BUT, the best tangible thing I’ve brought home is a beautiful sterling silver petroglyph necklace with a Larimar stone that my husband bought me while we were there last March.

  19. A bottle of ocean water that had sand and a sea shell inside. Had it on my desk at work when I returned from my first visit and couldn’t work for a week!! Kept wanting to return ( and have many times throughout the yers)

  20. I am highly disturbed by the taking of shells and sand from STJ…especially the person who took 5 pounds worth! There would be nothing left if every visitor took 5 pounds! It is ILLEGAL to take things from a national park! Remember the saying “leave only footprints, take only memories.” I would love to bring shells home with me but I am not selfish enough to do it.

  21. I am fairly certain that my family brings about 5 lbs of sand back to the villa, per day, just in our cracks. Is there a statute of limitations regarding this removal of sand from the National Park?

  22. Wow..my favorite souvenir..I have a cool baseball hat from Low Key Dive Shop that I got during my first trip, that has gone with me on every trip since then and is now beautifully faded and confy. Also, my wife took a photograph from inside of the caves while snorkeling at Norman Island. But in the end, the memories of the people and places is what I carry with me the most

  23. Perhaps we traveled back home with the most memorable and treasued on the Island XO
    “Johnnie Girl” approached us many times during our stay and we fell in Love with her.
    This beautiful feline was a stray in danger at the locoation, she was looking for friends.
    After a few nights with her, we cut our vacation short to enable her to come home with us to be part of our family in NJ XO
    “Johnnie” is LOVED FOREVER XOXOX
    Special Thanks to All the Animal
    Groups on the Island XOXO
    We Admire You XOXOX

  24. Back in 1986, my first trip down, we drove out to the east end of the Island. We pull up in a front yard displaying hand painted T-shirts hanging on a clothes line. I bought two from the artist, working there in his yard. I still have one of those Sloop Jones shirts, after 22 years.

  25. My favorite item is a Schnell light that hangs from the ceiling of my screened in porch. It’s beautiful and a constant reminder of STJ.
    The most fun item I have is a custom made t-shirt that was given to me by friends who are also yearly visitors and constant lovers of the island. It’s a Woody’s shirt that they had Sloop paint for me. It certainly is a one of a kind! I have a ton of Sloop’s shirts and absolutely LOVE Woody’s fish sandwich and curly fries at happy hour so it was the perfectly thought out gift for a big birthday.

  26. So many SJ physical reminders in our home. We have artwork from Elaine Estern and Janet Cook-Rutnik, wall hangings from Sloop, a small vial of sand from Cinnamon, and a washed up peice of coral that we swear is a human foot!

  27. My favorite souvenier is the 3 plastic cups I have from a trip to the “Soggy Dollar” for some Pain Killers. Although they have the recipe on them, I have yet to get it right!

  28. My favorite souvenir from St John is this little bag of sandstones that I bought in a gift shop. The center of the stones are thumb depressed and the centers are filled with a caribbean blue like water stone to always remind me of the most beautiful place on earth.

  29. I have two favorite souvenirs from St. John–a carved coconut shell by Ital Anthony, and my Larimar bracelet from Caravan Gallery! Ut oh, I must mention the gazillion coozies we bought while enjoying rum drinks at Skinny Legs!

  30. One day in one of my trips to St.John,swimming in Honeymoon Beach I found a very old men wedding band, it was clean up, and to this day, maybe 10yrs ago is still in my jewlery box as good luck.

  31. My favorite keepsake from St. John is a little refrigerator magnet that reads: “I left my heart on St. John”. How true that is for me and I can’t wait to go back.

  32. Aside from the memories of our many trips to STJ, we have brought back many pieces of carved lignum vitae by artist Hermon Smith. We love the primitive qualities of his work, and are so amused by Hermon himself!

  33. Many things bring STJ to the front of the mind:
    Two Barr Lewis matted pieces purchased at the Skinny legs Syzygy.
    A dollar I found while snorkeling.
    The necklace I liked at Tutu Much that hubby surprised me with that Christmas.
    The sand that keeps popping up in my suitcase!
    My engagement ring- purchased on STT while vaca’ing on STJ and then presented to me a few weeks later!

  34. My husband of ten years as of November,2008 and I went to St Thomas on our honeymoon and found St John. The following year we returned, bought a time share at the Westin and have returned every year since. Now we have a six year old little boy and hes been to St John six times. We wouldnt think about not bringing him, he loves the cab rides toooooo much!

  35. My favorite souvenoirs and memories would have to be the live sea turtle we captured at waterlemon key and brought home. Unfortunately he didn’t make it but the soup was terrific. Also the live corals we broutht back and the large pieces of the old sugar mill. NOT—My favorite memories of St John are the seemingless endless conversations at home and the anticipation of going back

  36. The day after hurricane Marilyn, the only shop open was freebird. Luigi pierced my ear and put a gold shackle thru. I haven’t removed it since.

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