Property Tax bills toothless?

A federal District Court judge is using the “C”-word in connection with the government’s issuance of property tax bills in the past two weeks.  “C" as in “bald-faced contempt,” according to a report by the Virgin islands Daily News

At issue is the longstanding court order prohibiting the territory from issuing new bills until all properties were reassessed.  That study is complete but the Court has not ruled on its fairness and acceptability.  The government, however says, the study was done, so it has the right to issue bills. 

Judge Curtis Gomez isn’t so sure and is considering whether to assess criminal and civil penalties against the Virgin Islands government.

The bills are not due until Nov. 22, so St. John property owners can delay payment for a while.  It’s possible the District Court will, in the meantime, review the Territory’s revaluation plan and find it’s good to go. 

But, dont’cha think that considering a charge of contempt, for violating the Court’s order against issuing bills at new rates, might be a handicap to getting the Court’s blessing?

Read the VI Daily News story: http://www.virginislandsdailynews.com/index.pl/article?id=17628223

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