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‘Amazing Race’ 25 Spoilers: Teams Headed To St. Thomas & London For First 2 Legs After New York Starting Line? [PHOTOS]

By: Enstarz.com

The 25th season of The Amazing Race has only just begun, but the locations where teams have been filming legs have already been revealed thanks to fans spotting them on location and sharing the information they have found on social media.

After leaving from a starting line in Times Square at 3 a.m. on May 31, teams headed to the island of St. Thomas, a territory of the U.S. Virgin Islands, a destination which was confirmed by bystanders posting photos of teams at the St. Thomas airport.

“Spotted people from The Amazing Race in the St. Thomas airport,” one fan captioned a photo of a few teams as they ran across the tarmac after they departed their flight. The four contestants shown in the picture all carry trademark racer backpacks on their backs, and cameramen can be seen filming from a small platform above their heads.

That wasn’t the only time racers were spotted in St. Thomas, as yet another fan also noticed teams racing through the St. Thomas airport as well.

The biggest confirmation that teams were in the area however comes from a June 1 report in the News of St. John, which confirmed that teams were in fact in the area.

Caribbean Buzz helicopters confirmed to the newspaper that they had helped out with the filming of a CBS reality show, but wouldn’t confirm which one.

“We provided aerial support for filming of a CBS reality TV show,” their official statement reads. “It included (Carval) rock, Hans Lollick, Magen’s Bay and downtown at Fort Christian.”

Fort Christian and Magen’s Bay are both attractions in St. Thomas, but the inclusions of Carval Rock and Hans Lollick imply that teams traveled to several of the U.S. Virgin Islands to complete their tasks.

Though it is unclear if there was an elimination on the first leg, or which team may have been the first one cut from the competition, some teams are already confirmed to have made it to the second leg, which will take place in London, thanks to more social media posts.

At some point while leaving St. Thomas, teams reportedly needed to fly back into the U.S. to get connecting flights to London, as revealed by a fan who posted a photo of a team trying to find a flight to London on their Instagram page. The fan revealed that the team was trying to find an earlier flight to the city, but failed.

A correspondent at NBC News in London also confirmed that teams, including surfer Bethany Hamilton and her husband (meaning if there was a leg 1 elimination, they survived it), were in London, by posting a photo on her Twitter account which showed them all leaving Paddington Station.

“These people just sprinted thru Paddington. Six cameras. @Amazing Race_CBS?” she captioned the photo.

Amazing Race season 25 will air on CBS this fall, in a new Friday night at 8 p.m. timeslot.

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