Meet Paz.

Paz Art Sale

About a month ago, we introduced you to Daniel, an incredible painter who’s begun selling his work at the Coral Bay Caribbean Oasis. Today, we want to introduce to you an equally as talented painter, although his style varies greatly from Daniel’s.

Meet Paz.


I have to admit, Paz is quite the character as you can probably deduce from the photo above. He’s interesting, eclectic and certainly authentic. But above all, he is an incredible talent.

Paz is a graffiti artist who has been painting in one form or another all of his life. Prior to living on St. John, Paz worked as a bike messenger in Boston, but grew tired of the monotony of life about 14 years ago. He’s been living in the bush just beyond Coral Bay ever since.

Paz, who could almost always be found painting in a makeshift camp/studio behind Caribbean Oasis, described his art as being “post apocolyptic expressionism,” because according to Paz, “before the apocalypse, anything goes.”

Paz sells his art at the Oasis where he receives 100 percent of the proceeds. (Another great, kind move made by owner Karen Granitz.) In addition to selling his art, Paz also custom paints cars.

Check out a few more pieces of his work:

Pax Art 1

Paz Cornhole Sketch
Paz holds up a sketch of a new cornhole game he designed for Karen at the Oasis.
Cornhole Paz Finished
The finished product.

7 thoughts on “Meet Paz.”

  1. I have admired his work all over the island. I stay at Christmas Cottage and he did the ceiling there. We went by his “studio” a couple times on our last trip but he wasn’t around. I’ll try again next trip.

  2. I’ve always loved Paz’s unique and vibrant work. You can always tell its a Paz when you see it. Hopefully he’ll sell enough art to get a home with 4 walls and a roof.

  3. Stopped at Karen’s bar for drinks and bought two paintings that captured Coral Bay so perfectly.
    Unfortunately, missed meeting Paz in person, but hope to on our next visit.
    The Last Supper on surf bar at Karen’s bar by Paz also an amazing work.
    Great talent.

  4. Love his work! I try to buy a piece each year we visit. Looking forward to coming again in June/July, hopefully will meet him in person and I can buy some more paintings!

  5. So sorry to hear of Paz passing….what an amazing individual…we had a giant yardsale when we left island..gave Paz quite a bit of stuff…Happy to see him wearing the poncho and hat in the first pic…RIP PAZ

    • Dear Shaun: We met Paz in 2014 and had quite a conversation with him and purchased one of his paintings. We would bump into him time and again and were quite fond of him. Can you please tell me what happened to him? I spoke to a woman yesterday who mentioned his passing didn’t know any details but I couldn’t find anything online. He told us his family had a place in NH (we were from Massachusetts). If you know of any way to send condolences I would appreciate it. Would you be willing to share what you know about him? He was an amazing man and we are deeply saddened. Thank you for your consideration.

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