Wednesday on the Water

Wednesday on the Water

Good Morning, Good Morning!  We spent a lot of time on the water over the holiday weekend with some really amazing guests on Asante.  And I wanted to take the opportunity this morning to share with you some of that beauty for a little Wednesday “water break.” 🙂

We kicked off the weekend with a happy hour sesh AT THE BAR!  It was glorious.  It’s a bit odd how the little things, such as bar seating re-opening, make you feel “normal.”   A bit more of a human again.  The sunset view from the bar stool at Beach Bar was absolutely beautiful and we were surrounded by good people throughout the evening.  It was awesome!

Wednesday on the Water 1

Saturday afternoon, we took some folks out to snorkel at Henley Cay (pronounced KEY).  If you have never been to Henley for a snorkel before, I would highly recommend it.  You can get there only by boat or by kayak as it is located off the north shore of St. John, just in front of Caneel Bay.  There are only two moorings there so it is always a “luck of the draw” situation on a chartered vessel, but VI Eco Tours does kayaking excursions from Honeymoon.  The snorkeling around the Southeast side of the cay is coral reef and rock with a ton of colorful fish.  Our guests have seen squid and sting rays floating about as well.  And the first time we stopped there, we immediately spotted a five-foot nurse shark!  One way or another, definitely check it out the next time you are here!

Wednesday on the Water 2
Snorkeling Henley Cay

Saturday night we got some equally spectacular sunset views on the water. 

Wednesday on the Water 3

The colors lingering in the sky after the sun hides his face for the night have been stunning pastels that seem to be painted across the horizon. People often ask if it becomes numbing or if the beauty gets lost on me after many years of being here. The answer is no. It absolutely does not.

Wednesday on the Water 4

Sunday was a day for the books!  I love it when our guests simply NEED to see turtles!  That always means a day hanging at Maho Bay with lunch at Maho Crossroads…Which is one of my favorite things to do even when I am not working.  So, it always kind of feels like a play day instead of work!

Wednesday on the Water 5

We immediately spotted turtles bopping their sweet little heads above the water line as we pulled in and picked up a mooring.  Whenever you are on the water on St. John (specifically at Maho, Francis and Honeymoon), always keep an eye on the water for what looks like a brownish green blurb just below the surface.  You will likely see a little friend popping its head up to say hello immediately after.

Wednesday on the Water 6
Turtle!! Photo taken by Lee Ann Gale

After some very happy folks returned from their underwater turtle encounters, we headed to shore for lunch and drinks (for our guests!) at Maho Crossroads where I was delighted to find, once again, the bar seating was back to open. 

Wednesday on the Water 7

And, it was open mic!  Some of my favorite St. John musicians, Mark Wallace, Eva Chinn and Rich Grengold, were on stage playing some crowd favorites to the busy area in front of the stage.  If you appreciate live music, do find Mark and Eva the next time you visit!  They play regularly at Maho, Lovango Rum Bar and Cruz Bay Landing and I promise you will enjoy the show!  Her voice is INCREDIBLE.

Wednesday on the Water 8
Rich, Eva and MArk on stage for Open Mic at Maho Crossroads- Every Sunday afternoon!

Leaving Maho, we glided past Whistling Cay; another spot that’s lovely for a snorkel if you’re a strong swimmer! Situated about one mile off the shore of Maho Beach, Whistling Cay offers some beautiful underwater cliffs and canyons that is home to a ton of underwater life. Like Henley, Whistling Cay only has a few mooring balls but we have found that generally it’s easier to find an open one there. Again, this is not a snorkeling excursion for beginners. But, for the advanced underwater enthusiasts, the struggle with the current is well worth the view!

Wednesday on the Water 9

To say that I am grateful for where I am and what I am doing is a vast understatement.  Weekends like this one remind me truly of how special St. John is.  Our guests were all first timers and were absolutely in awe of everything around them…Sometimes that becomes quite contagious.  I hope each and every one of you continue to share in that sense of awe of the beauty and energy of St. John…I know that I surely do.  But it is always nice to be reminded!

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  1. We just got home from yet another fantastic 10 days on the island. Staying at Brezza Di Mare.
    Went back to see my turtle “friends” at Maho, every sighting is still as exciting as the first.
    Some great snorkeling at several other beaches, it’s like living in your own beautiful aquarium.
    Our first day was the whole day of pouring rain but it was actually relaxing, I actually fell asleep for 2 hours + around the pool, no rush to go anywhere just chill and relax and know you had 9 days still ahead of you.
    Villa was wonderful – everything you could possibly ever need or think of. Hosts from Seaview homes were perfect. Answers within such a short time with questions about anything.
    As usual , sorry to leave but if we don’t come home and work we won’t be coming back as soon as we want !!

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