Wednesday morning.

Hi everyone! It’s 9:13am and we still have power and internet where I am. The winds have definitely picked up. Trees are swaying, and branches and palm fronds have fallen. Not too much rain so far. I will continue to update you all as long as I can.

All of my friends on island are safe. The puppies I am with are all happy, albeit a tad nervous. I am very calm, almost strangely calm. I just know that we’re all going to be ok.

I’ve been getting emails about fundraising. Yes, I’m sure we will need it. But before we do anything, let’s just wait and see what happens. You know me, I love to fundraise and hold raffles so I promise we will do something as soon as we can. 🙂

If I haven’t responded to your email or post or message yet, I am sorry. I will as soon as I can. Promise.

Much love everyone.

-Jenn xoxo

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  1. It’s been 20+ years since I was on St John, but my part of my heart is still on your beaches. So glad all is going well so far. Please stay safe. Prayers to you and the rest of the islanders from Northeast Ohio.

    • Jenn,

      We are praying for all St John.. please continue with updates as we are all very worried! Keep safe

      Hollands In Connecticut

  2. Saying prayers for everyone there! There is no place in the whole world like STJ. From the instant you step off the boat the island makes you feel like you are home. We love you STJ and will be back every year like we always are! Stay safe!!

  3. Thinking of beautiful St John and everyone there. I left my heart there 30 years ago. Planning to be there is a few weeks! Stay safe and good luck.

  4. Comforting to know you are surrounded by friends during this ordeal and those friends have you. Thinking about you all and sending love! Irma can’t keep us away! We love that island too and the people that call her home!

  5. Our prayers are with all of you. St. John is a such a special place because of the people, and we pray for your safety. Stay strong and thank you for the update. Looking forward to learning how to help once the storm has moved on.

  6. Thinking of all of you. My mother and her significant other were/are staying at the Westin and hunkering down for Hurricane Irma.

  7. Many prayers for everyone’s safety, SJ is our fav place in all the world. We come twice a year, will be there 22 oOct, if we can help with recovery…xoxo

  8. Hi St. John….I lived there from 1989-1999. I owned Bestech. I lived over Rendezvous and Ditleff. I went through Marilyn and Hugo so I know how you guys are feeling. I have only been back once since I left but I think about the island all the time and wish I still lived there. I am praying for all of you and hope there is not too much damage. It is still my favorite place on earth.

  9. Good to hear you are up on safer ground. I keep looking for pictures but many of the webcams are down. Stay safe and thanks very much for the updates. I hope all the folks and critters at ACC are holding up as well.

  10. Watching and waiting! Thanks for the updates. I have been trying to get better info on how the island is affected and am so happy that you are safe and able to share with those of us who have a special place in our hearts for St. John. Best wishes for your continued safety and that of all island residents.

  11. Thank you for the updates Jenn. So worried about all of you and we have many friends there. (We lived in Coral Bay 2004-2005 and Big Tom lived there off and on for many years before that.) Very concerned for the donkeys, deer, cat colonies, livestock and domestic animals. We can only hope that Irma will veer, even if slightly, but maybe more. Thankful that you are feeling calmer now. Cannot imagine the feelings, and the one tropical storm we weathered was scary enough for me. We send all of you love and appreciate any updates as you are able. There will be an outpouring of love and support throughout this ordeal and in the aftermath. Be safe, stay strong!

  12. We visit St. John frequently with our last trip being this past May. Our hearts, thoughts, and prayers are with all of you at this very moment as the eye of the storm approaches you.

  13. MareBlu webcam is still up- others seem to have stopped about 7:30 am.

    Stay safe and hang in there y’all.
    Everyone thinking about you here in the states.
    (And fuming because weather channels and news channels don’t seem to know the difference between USVI and St John’s. LOL But maybe we like it that way.)

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