1115am Wednesday 

The winds have picked up dramatically. Tree fell on one of our cars. This weather is real. But we’re all ok. And we will all be ok. But we’re in for some brutal winds over the next several hours. We heard the eye shifted south and may hit Coral Bay. Pray for us folks. Pray for our island. Pray for my friends. They’re my family. I love you all. Thank you for loving us so much. We truly feel it down here. I promise you that. 

-Jenn xoxo

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    • So glad to finally get some news directly from STJ. Praying for all the wonderful people and businesses we experienced on our recent visit to coral bay…Ital, Tracey at AwlMadeHere, Lauren and husband and beautiful kids, skinny legs, aqua bistro. Miss Lucy’s, the lovely ladies at BBB, And the precious donkeys. And captain phil in Cruz bay. And imagining hurricane cove where we snorkeled, all filled with boats hoping to survive the storm.
      From West Virginia.

  1. Jenn,
    Thank you for the updates and thankful y’all are staying safe and I pray that continues. I am sorry this beast of a hurricane is tearing things up such as cars, trees, and much more i am sure. We pray for the safety of the people and this beautiful island. My stomach turned when I heard it turned back towards the island. I feel so helpless here. Keep the updates coming as long as you can. ❤ STJ

  2. I pray that God surrounds all of the islands affected by this horrific storm and protects the good people and animals that call them home…We love you, Lori

  3. Love City certainly should feel loved as we are all thinking and hoping St John survives Irmageddon with as minimal damage as possible. Stay safe!

  4. Thanks so much for your posts – your insight and experience are so much more meaningful than the news clips of this unbelievable powerhouse storm. I am glad you have dogs with you. I sure hope the donkeys find a safe place. Stay strong and know how many people are worried about you and all the folks there.

  5. I’m worried sick about everyone on the islands of STJ and STT. We have family and a home there. prayers for everyone’s safety. homes can be replaced but lives cannot.

  6. We just visited STJ for the first time late July from Atlanta. Incredible place with wonderful people. Our prayers are continuing.

  7. Been watching a live feed from chocolate hole since 6:30 am here in NY. Our thoughts and prayers are with you guys. Stay safe and keep hunkered down. Volunteered to come down and help if needed! Stay strong

  8. Watching and praying from afar for our friends on St John, especially Jenn, the Bamboo group, AwlMadeHere/Tracey, and all those we have rented from and come in contact with over the years. Sending love and hugs!

  9. I love your island, and the people that live on St. John. Please be safe, I am praying for all in the path of Irma. My daughter and family and preparing in Southwest Florida as well. Thank you for the updates. God bless.

  10. Praying for one of my favorite islands. I’ve been 4 times and am looking forward to sharing this island with my children. #stjohnwillrecover

  11. So worried about all of you on STJ, worried about all the beautiful island critters too. Hope everyone and all the animals stay safe and get thru this with nothing more than a tree on a car and a bad scare. We can all hope. Sending all my positive thoughts and vibes.

  12. Praying for all and everything to be safe! Sending good thoughts from Rockland county New York!! STJ is the best place in the world!! Peace & Love!!

  13. We are praying for you Jen and all of the wonderful people of STJ. Take strength knowing we are all virtually side by side with you ❤️

  14. I have loved this island since my 1st visit in 1979! I will spend my fall break helping Love City get things together again. My heart and soul is with you!

  15. Be safe !!!
    Our prayers are with you and all the people of this beautiful island ❤
    We will be there in a couple of weeks god willing.

  16. Wow! I thought this was over in St. John early, early morning. My heart is with you all. Sending white light to all of you. Love you, St. John!

  17. Praying for everyone’s safety. Have loved St. John since honeymooning at Maho Bay Camps in the late 70’s. Let us all know what you need.

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