Who Wants Some Free Wifi?

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The Virgin Islands is really stepping up when it comes to technology this week. Yesterday we told you about AT&T’s new tower, which has greatly improved cell phone service in parts of the island that were previously dead zones. Well today, we’d like to tell you about some free wifi…

The busy season is upon us and thousands of people will descend upon the airport in St. Thomas this week. And for those of you lucky enough to travel to the island in the upcoming weeks and months, the airport has a new little treat for you – free wifi! This little treat was made possible thanks to a partnership between the Department of Tourism and the Virgin Islands Port Authority.

But with most free things, there’s a catch…

Commissioner of Tourism, Beverly Nicholson-Doty, said passengers logging onto the network are asked to complete a brief survey about their travel experience in the Virgin Islands. The data collected will be used to assist the Territory improve its offerings. Once that happens, voilà! Free wifi!

We’d love to know how it works. So if you happen to be traveling to or from the island this week, please check it out for us. Let us know how it works by leaving a message in the comments section.

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