Cell Services Improves On Island

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How many times have you tried to make a call while on island, but you couldn’t get cell reception? My casa is right in town and the signal there is so poor, I had to get a microcell booster just to be able to make a call. Hanging out at the Westin? Forget about it. That’s a dead zone. Over on Contant Point or up in Pastory? Cell service is sketchy at best.

Well I have fantastic news for everyone – cell service in these areas and others is now great! It’s like Christmas came early to quote one of my fabulous island friends!

AT&T activated a new tower over near Beth Cruz Road last week, and it’s improved service in and around Cruz Bay, near the Westin and Southside Road, as well as over on Contant Point Road. This new tower not only improves connection, but it also improves mobile internet speeds, which is fantastic.

I’m not sure how the new tower will affect Verizon users, as they utilize different technology. We’d be interested to hear from those of you using Verizon on island. We wrote a bit about this earlier this year. Click here to read more about it and to get some more info on cell phone service on island. 

We’d also like to know if you’ve seen an improvement in your area or anywhere on island. Feel free to leave feedback in the comments section…

12 thoughts on “Cell Services Improves On Island”

  1. I sure wish the service fairy would wave his/her magic wand and bless the north shore with a good signal that doesn’t originate from the BVI.

  2. We were in St John in the beginning of December. I have Verizon cell phone service. I had no service in the Virgin
    Islands. Maybe next year!?!?

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