6 thoughts on “Virtual Vacation: The Overlook at Trunk Bay”

  1. Hey Jenn!
    It looks like the damage from those hurricanes from hell has fully recovered. I’m curious to know what is still in bad condition.
    I lived on island for abt 2 years in 2001-2003 and St John is STILL my home away from home.

    • Hi! Caneel is still a mess. Cinnamon is being rebuilt. Chateau Bordeaux is a mess, but there are plans in place for its rebuild. Concorida hasn’t reopened, but there are plans there too. Lots of progress!

  2. Thanks for virtual vacation… 🙂 3 thoughts on”virtual vacation love it..love it.. love it 🙂 I look every day for the post.

  3. Thanks Jenn, i look forward to seeing beautiful STJ, much appreciated, Trunk Bay especially, we were married there on May 2, 2019 and cannot wait to return, Stay Strong and Healthy!!

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