Taking a Day Off…

Taking a Day Off... 1
View from Upper Lind Point Trail, March 25, 2020

We’re taking the day off today to enjoy some family time. We will be back tomorrow. Have a great one, everyone. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Taking a Day Off…”

  1. Hi! Thank you for all the information you share!! I am obsessed with that island and check your blog and webcams, nearly daily.
    I have a favor to ask. Do you have any idea when the Love City Stj webcam will be back up and running? It’s part of my routine to check out that view of Cruz Bay.

    Thank you and i hope you have enjoyed your day with your family!

  2. We live on Long Island (NY) and own three consecutive weeks at the Westin, from mid-July through the 1st week of August. I canceled our trip yesterday and it is KILLING the whole family who all want to be where you are right now. Going swimming at the beach, snorkeling or taking boat rides are all amazing activities we’d love to be doing. We have been owners since 2005 and love those less crowded months on StJ. The big problem we had lies with airlines and Vistana Signatures Network. VSN informed us they had “temporarily” waived cancellation fees for any weeks that were previously reserved this year. Would that fee waiver continue? We were told, “There are no guarantees. It is free now.” All cancellations must be made at least 60 days before arrival.” For us that meant the latest date for a decision on this year would be the first week of May. For my three weeks it would cost hundreds of dollars in penalties to delay my decision. Thankfully, we hadn’t made flight arrangements bc lots of those are being cancelled and co-vid 19 isn’t covered on travel insurance. Sorry if this post sounds whiny but things are REALLY scary in the NYC / LI metro. The number of dead at local hospitals is climbing every day. We haven’t been to work in two weeks and the worst of it is anticipated to peak in NY metro by mid/ late April?! Our timeshare decision, though disappointing, was a simple one to make. My heart is with you and the friends we have made on St. John. We have wept with you after Irma, lobbied politicians, and sent donations in kind. We LOVE all the news, videos and WEBCAMS you post. I find checking in to be among the happiest indulgences of my day. Yet as this pandemic oscillates throughout our country/territories we must brace ourselves. Until a vaccine is found and mass produced (12 mths +) the nation and StJ may suffer on a scale we have not seen in generations and we will do so medically, economically, and emotionally. Unlike a localized disaster this pandemic challenges all of us at the same time to seek tangible assistance. It’s hard when parents are wondering if their children are going back to school. Most fear not before September. What happens when flu season ramps up from Halloween through March (StJ’s high season) and there is another shelter in place scenario again? Cabin fever – holiday style! I’d love to get away to StJ, but it won’t be any healthier for the territory to accept travelers, particularly with the meager health care facilities on island. I wish us all the fortitude that is necessary to face these upcoming challenges. Keep up the good work with this blog. It makes a difference and we can assure you we will be back as soon as possible! Unfortunately for us that looks to be July 2021 at present.

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