Virtual Vacation: Solomon and Honeymoon

Ok folks, so you clearly are not able to come to St. John to vacation today. Well guess what? We’re going to bring St. John to you! Starting today, we’re going to start bringing you all on virtual vacations. Today’s spot: Solomon and Honeymoon beaches.

We filmed this for you all yesterday. I hope you enjoy it. -Jenn


17 thoughts on “Virtual Vacation: Solomon and Honeymoon”

  1. Re: Solomon/Honeymoon film

    Thanks, Jenn.
    Stay in place & going a bit crazy!
    Appreciate the good vibes!
    Stay Healthy!

  2. Hi Jenn, thanks for your being here and for your straight-to-the-point commentary. One question: the VINP reports (via you) that beaches are open, yet the Governor (also via you) says stay at home starting tomorrow. A daily swim is important to our health. May we go to the beach tomorrow and days following, while maintaining physical distancing?

  3. I was there just 3 weeks ago visiting my daughter who lives there. Miss you ALL terribly. Can’t wait to return. Thanks for the videos

  4. Thanks Jenn. Cloudy and rainy here in Wisconsin. Love thinking about laying on the sand at honeymoon or maho. Will be there next year!

  5. Thank you for posting these! Cannot tell you how much they bring peace they bring to our heartache of not being able to start our long planned vacation this week. Keeping hope up we will be able to reschedule. If so, we will reach out to you to book a tour for sure! You are providing a great public service to so many at this time of crisis.

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