Video: St. John at Festival time

TourThree new videos offering a tour of Cruz Bay have been posted on YouTube by StJohnJason

Jason Hubert told The Inquiring Iguana he's 22-years-old, just graduated college, and is now living on St. John. "I have loved St. John for as long as I can remember and have been reading your blog for quite some time now," he told the Iguana.

In one segment, it looks like Jason just got into an SUV, on the passenger side, started at the police station and drove through town starting with Woody’s, then down the one- wayFestival street that goes past the park, where you can see some of the booths and exhibits set up for this week of the Festival.

There’s also a ‘tour’ from Mongoose to the Dolphin Market which gives you a glimpse of the Roundabout construction. (Looks like the contractor did a fine job of resurfacing the road that was torn up along Boulon Center.)

Take the tours.  Click the links.

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  1. Thanks Jason. Have spent the last 20 Mar – April(S) on St. John. Do wish I could live there. I love the Island. Loved the videos – it makes me pine for St. John. Please post more… How about the beautiful beaches. Until next March.
    Cathy – LI – NY

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