Oh No, Mr. Bill! They’re organizing Coral Bay

Untitled-1Sounds like an oxymoron to say they’re bringing some order to Coral Bay.  Isn’t that the reason so many people love living there, where the living style is just barely out of the ‘70s.

 Well, the familiar, entertaining, sometimes illegible, hodgepodge of signs at the Coral bay Triangle has been removed.  Skinny's this way, Salt Pond that way, the Coral’s Trail Rides there, K2 Video to the left … they’re gone.  It used to look like this. Photo by CptnKirk on the Virgin Islands On-Line forum where, of course, lots of people have some thoughts about how wise it is to make things in Coral Bay uniform.

In place of the old hand-made, multicolored, multi-fonted, multi-sized placards will be one large sign holder for local merchants to populate with their messages.

The Triangle land is owned by the Moravian Church, whose property manager decided that the previous mish-mash of signs was dangerous.  Hard to read sometimes, and therefore distracting for drivers and dangerous for people waiting for buses.

10 thoughts on “Oh No, Mr. Bill! They’re organizing Coral Bay”

  1. Of all the recent changes on Island in the recent years this is the most disturbing and sad. I’ve always loved that corner and will now have more reason now to treasure my photos of it. Sad, sad, sad.

  2. The model of the new sign stand we saw while eating lunch at the Tourist Trap (in May, the day before all the signs were to be taken down) was pretty cool (a bench bewtween two palm trees I think and the bench had two “skinny legs” with all the signs above the bench between the palm trees….not sure the uprights were trees, but I think they were). Although a few people were pretty “disenchanted” that the church was going to charge them for the signage despite all the charity they have down over the years for the church.

  3. You ‘all might as will Put up a sign to New York or Atlanta. You are loosing , what you have.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Tom

  4. I’m so sad! I loved those signs! How will i know how to get to Skinny legs now? I can’t read normal signage! arghhh

  5. This is SO SAD! I can’t believe it’s gone! This colorful, eclectic hodgepodge of signs on the corner has always been a charming landmark that said “Welcome to Coral Bay” to me! I’m glad that I have taken MANY pictures of this corner – so I can show my grandchildren how cute it used to be “back in the day”! 🙁

  6. chill out! the new sign will be beautiful and it might be OK for Coral Bay to get a much needed “facelift”. Now if we could get everyone to pick up their trash that would be a much needed improvement to that area.

  7. Coral Bay is charming because of it’s informality and old school approach. While this is not the end of the world it is one more step towared the civilization that we go to Coral Bay to escape. How long before the goats and donkeys are taken off the streets? When will doors and roofs on cars be required? Will someone remove the clever sayings on the “dip” signs? Once you start down the “improvement” road there is no coming back, everything can be justified in terms of safety or improvement.

  8. The next thing you know the ‘speed hump’ signs will be changed to read ‘speed bump’ because they are confusing. 🙂

  9. Sorry Jim Bicknell but doors and roofs on cars are a good idea. Too many deaths in the POS cars and Jeeps that our young people are driving and dying in.

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