VI radio election coverage on the Net

Polls close at 6pm, eastern, Tuesday as Virgin Islanders select a new Governor and VI Senate.  The territory’s news and talk station, WVWI, will provide live coverage over the air, which will also be available on the Net. Political analysts James O’Bryan Jr. and Simon Caines, along with Jean Greaux, WVWI’s news director, will begin their coverage at 5pm, eastern, according to the St. John Source.  It will be Webcast at WIUJ.com, the Web Site of a non-commercial radio station operated by a general manager and four student and professional volunteers. 

WVWI’s audio streaming facilities have been unreliable for quite some time, so the partnership with the educational FM broadcaster is welcome.

Speaking of the Source, the online newspaper has endorsed John DeJongh for Governor.  The Source’s publisher, Shaun Pennington, wrote a commentary in which she said, DeJongh and his running mate have records suggesting they can "bring dignity, intelligence and trust to Government House

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