Poll: Patrick wins

The week-long poll on this site about whether Patrick’s food truck should be thrown off the downtown Cruz Bay parking lot has come down squarely in favor of the small businessman.  There were almost 200 votes cast, 85% of which said he should not be moved.

This week’s poll question
centers on concern about the coral reefs around St. John.  A researcher points to development on the island for creating threats to the reefs due to the runoff of land into the water from new roads and driveways. 

Do you think there should be a moratorium on new building permits while the VI government studies steps it can take to protect the coral.  The poll is at left.

2 thoughts on “Poll: Patrick wins”

  1. Absolutely! As a scuba diver who has been coming to St. John for 10 years, I have seen the condition of the reefs deteriorate. There’s a lot of dead coral and coral bleaching. Something should be done to save this beautiful natural resource before it is too late.

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