Optimist wins real estate contest

Shirts The number of St. John homes for sale on the Virgin islands Multiple Listing Service at the end of May was 142. 

That’s five fewer than were offered for sale at what may have been the nadir (or height) of the market five weeks ago when the list extended to 147 properties.

NewsofStJohn.com invited readers to offer their best guess as to where the market would be at the end of May. 

Nearly 75 entries were received. Most them expected the list to lengthen. 

The high guess was 176.   The low guess, and the right one, was 142. William Rini is the winner of the T-Shirt, courtesy of Jolly Dog at Coral Bay.

2 thoughts on “Optimist wins real estate contest”

  1. Frank –
    Thank you for announcing me as the winner of the Jolly Dog T-shirt for guessing the correct number of end-of-May listings. Unfortunately, I’m an extra large.
    I’ll make you a deal, you mail me the T-shirt and I’ll send you a copy of my just published book, Fish Tales. Bill Rini.

  2. how do we know, that the real estate contest was not rigged, i know for a fact that Bill Rini can fit into a small t-shirt. But his son-in -law ; who is in the real estate game–and thus must have had inside informationon this contest, is a EXTRA LARGE, Who i suspect the shirt is going too

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