Trip Report: 14th visit, still more to do

Bill King’s been coming to St. John since 1991, when he visited
the VI’s to be with his son, then a chef on St. Thomas.  That was
about 14 trips ago, King said in a conversation.  But he hasn’t tired of St. John. 

The latest vacation, in December, was
made memorable by a trip to the East End, an afternoon at Vie’s beach, a "fantastic" dinner at the Balcony, breakfast at the Donkey Diner, a scuba dive off Caneel, and a disappointing visit to the Ocean Grill at Mongoose Junction.

King is active in the St. John forum at Anthony Finta’s Virgin-Island-On-Line where he’s known as Bill in Va.  Several other posters were on island while he and his wife were there,and they met up at the Beach Bar on a Sunday afternoon.  "We knew all about each other instantaneously," because of the forums, King said.

A conversation with serial-visitor and chat board regular Bill King is this week’s News of St John podcast. Listen by clicking the "play" button below.

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