NY Times finds St. John a bargain

In a recent feature about long weekends to the Caribbean for less than $1,000, The New York Times said it can be done on island – including airfare.  "You don’t have to spend $530 a night at Caneel Bay," but … 🙂  Oh, well.

The economical alternative is, you guessed it, Cinnamon Bay Campground. Two-person tents for $86/night.  The Tree Lizards restaurant gets kudos
for "basic fare like burgers and sandwiches at reasonable prices."  The
Times likes Orbitz for bargain hunting plane tickets. Here’s the


2 thoughts on “NY Times finds St. John a bargain”

  1. I saw the NYT article and am now planning a St. John trip. I think I’ll bring a tent and pitch it at the Cinnamon Bay campground. Found your site reading up on the island…
    How easy is it to get around the island without one’s own vehicle? For example, getting back to the campground after spending an evening in Cruz Bay…

  2. Andrew:
    Hitchhiking used to be a reliable form of transportation on island. Back in the old days. People still do ‘thumb’ ..(the ‘correct way’ is to point your index finger, very nonchalantly, at waist level …)
    Newer visitors to St./ John don’t seem to get this concept of thumbing … I don’t see many pick up folks … but I’ve never heard of a negative experience … and you meet some very interesting people.

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