Traffic roundabout construction begins

Island Roads of St. Thomas has begun building the long-delayed traffic roundabout where the old Texaco station was.  The project is expected to take two years and is sure to cause some traffic issues as construction moves ahead in downtown Cruz Bay where five roads converge.

The $7 million project has been a long time coming, made critical after the Enighed Pond commercial port finally opened.  Trucks and construction equipment coming over from St. Thomas need more room than the current intersection allows, so the roundabout was planned by the VI Dept. of Public Works and funded by the Federal Highway Administration.

The Virgin Islands Daily News said initial work will include demolishing a retaining wall near the Sprauve School, a noisy and dirty first step.  Wystan Benjamin, project manager, said the intention is to get that work done before c children return for the new school year.  he also said a retaining wall in front of Boulon center will have to come down.

Public Works intends to keep traffic moving along the five roads which intersect where the roundabout is being built.  You can expect delays, of course, as two way roads, like Centerline, are cut to one-way for construction. 

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  1. Does anyone have a map of how the traffic will be rerouted? Will people coming from Jacob’s Ladder go a different way?

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