Shop closing at Westin

is closing its men’s and women’s tropical clothing and accessories shop at the Westin Resort.  The store has been there for 18 years. 

A second outlet at Mongoose Junction is not closing. 

If you’re on island in August, and looking for a bargain, Bougainvillea is worth checking out.  Everything is at least 50% off.  They’re also selling the fixtures and office equipment.

4 thoughts on “Shop closing at Westin”

  1. I never saw it listed on the MLS. That struck me as unusual, too. I have to think that either (1) business was slow and/or (2) it was lease renewal time and the terms were tough.
    18 years is a long time and it’s possible that as an early tenant they had a real good deal … which wasn’t going to continue.

  2. Sorry to see this shope close. My husband loved going in there to see the Tommy Bahama items. The displays were always nicely done and the clerks were always so nice and helpful. Thanks for the 18 years–we have enjoyed you.

  3. Any news on the seasonal closings for Sept & Oct? Im sorry to see so many closings on St John. Thank goodness its only the Westin location.

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