Tourists welcome

The general manager at Caneel Bay says his resort is sold out
through the first week of the New Year, while Ocean Runner boat rentals
agreed, "We’re booked just about every day."  In comments to the St.
John Source,
the businessmen suggested this season’s shaping up about
the same as last year’s.   "We have lots of longtime guests back. The
property is filled up, and people are making merry," Caneel Bay Resort
manager Rik Blyth told the Source.

Lonnie Willis, owner of the Fish Trap and Stone Terrace restaurants
and St. John Car Rental, sounded cautious in her remarks to the
reporter.  She worries that more hassles at airport over security may
be holding people back from traveling.  She’s also concerned those
visitors to the Westin’s new time share units may be less likely to
travel downtown.    "People tend to eat in," she said.  Listen to an earlier podcast with Lonnie Willis.

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  1. Well! Saw the article about real estate and prices on St. Thomas were high. But now that we have a nearly four year supply of houses on St. John and five year supply of land, on the same, based on 2006 sales, I believe most home sale prices must come down 10% to 25% to achieve a turnover of real estate. Guess, we will have to wait for those desperate millionair baby boomers from Wall Street to come lookin, or just maybe everyone including me have to adjust our expectations to become more serious of what we are selling real estate at – because they sure aren’t selling at the prices offered on multiple listing we are askin!
    But there again, I really don’t care in my case – owner of Villa Tesori
    Mike Mullen

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